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History of Laptops

  • Period: to

    Osbourne 1

  • Osborne 1

    Osborne 1
    First commercially Successful portable computer. Discountinued in 1983.
  • Grid Compass

    Grid Compass
    Used by NASA in the Space program.
  • IBM PC convertible

    IBM PC convertible
    IBM's first laptop to use floppy disks.
  • Mac. Portable

    Mac. Portable
    Apples first attempt at making a portable computer that still had the power of a desktop.
  • Power Book

    Power Book
    line of power book's were sold by Apple.
  • Think Pad 700c

    Think Pad 700c
    known for reliablity, portability, durability, and performence.
  • I Pad

    I Pad
    Advanced multi touch tablet created by Apple.