History of industrial Design

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  • 1450

    The Printing press

    The Printing press
    The printing machine is built, which is regarded as the birth of the industry. It was characterized by the typographic design, the page layout and the book
  • Period: to

    Industrial Revolution

    Changes are generated, not only industrial, but also social and intellectual. New sources of raw materials ar
    e found, the industry and the population are specified.
    The design of industrially produced products with new materials such as iron and steel creates a new generation of design. In addition to that it will go from a rural agricultural system to an industrial production system in the cities.
  • The Shaking Quakers

    The Shaking Quakers
    A company that was known because they had a rule, where everything they produced regarding furniture should be simple and the same for everyone. The materials they used were pine, maple, cherry.
  • Steam engine

    Steam engine
    In the early 18th century, Thomas Newcomen and Savery invented a steam engine that was used to extract water from mines; but James Watt who perfected it since he realized its low performance and that when repairing it he already introduced important modifications
  • Birth of Michael Thonet

    Birth of Michael Thonet
  • Birth of Henry Cole

    Birth of Henry Cole
  • Rationalism

    He was based on applying the concepts that arose at the time when designing: Practicality, utility, simplicity, comfort, functionality, and sobriety. Utility prevails over design
  • Wood bending patent

    Wood bending patent
    Thonet patents the first solid wood bending method
  • Journal of Design and Manufacture

    Journal of Design and Manufacture
    Henry Cole and Richard Redgrave created the Journal of Design & Manufacture, which focuses on the decorative and applied arts, the magazine aimed to enhance British industrial design and educate the public taste.
  • Universal Exhibition

    Universal Exhibition
    Henry Cole helps to create the first Universal Exhibition where the greatest exponents of the design of the time would be exhibited
  • Victoria and Albert Museum

    Victoria and Albert Museum
    A museum is made that exhibits important design collections
  • Royal College of Art

    Royal College of Art
    Henry Cole is in favor of the creation of the school that would teach design
  • Thonet

    Company created by Michael Thonet that was dedicated to the creation of furniture, with the wood curvature method
  • Period: to

    Arts & Crafts Movement

  • Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co

    Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co
    Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co is founded, an architecture and industrial design company in which it was intended to return to artisan manufacturing contrasted with the industrial production of the time and thus bring culture to the less affluent areas of society. The products became so complex in their manufacture that only the upper classes were able to acquire them.
  • Succession of Vienna

    Succession of Vienna
    Founded by Gustav Klimt, Josef Hoffmann, Koloman Moser, Carl Moll, Otto Wagner and 14 other Viennese artists. They developed the project of artistic renewal, it tried to reinterpret the styles of the past in the face of the onslaught of industrial production that were structurally and aesthetically stripping the reality of art and society of the time.
  • Lalique's first Parisian workshop

    Lalique's first Parisian workshop
    After gaining recognition as an independent jewelry designer for large companies, Laliquete took command of Jules Uncover jewelry workshop at Place Gaillon in Paris.
  • Period: to

    Art Nouveau

    It spread throughout Europe and America in the 1890s, where it reached its popularity in 1900. In an exhibition in Paris where historical references were avoided in the movement, it called itself "new art", some of its representatives maintained the recovery of the old influence of the thought of the nineteenth century
  • Norman Bel Geddes

    Norman Bel Geddes
    Norman Bel Geddes Born in Adrian Michigan, USA. He was an American theatrical and industrial designer who focused on the streamlined style
  • Rymond loewy

    Rymond loewy
    He was one of the best known French industrial designers of the 20th century. He developed almost his entire professional career in the United States. He is considered the father of modern industrial design despite not having formal studies in this profession
  • Foundation of the School of the Grand Duchy of Arts and Crafts of Weimar Founded by Van de Velde and the Grand Duke of Weimar.

    Foundation of the School of the Grand Duchy of Arts and Crafts of Weimar Founded by Van de Velde and the Grand Duke of Weimar.
  • Lalique and the Universal Exhibition in Paris

    Lalique and the Universal Exhibition in Paris
    René Lalique after winning competitions, exhibited his work and created jewelry for well-known artists such as actress Sarah Bernhardt. So participating in the Great Exhibition was a predominant moment in his career, so that same year he was also appointed an officer of the French Legion of Honor.
  • Stoclet Palace - Hoffman

    Stoclet Palace - Hoffman
    The Stoclet Palace is one of the most successful and homogeneous buildings of the Vienna Secession, in which architecture, sculpture, painting and decorative arts are integrated into the same work.

    Most progressive arts school in Germany who are willing to do quality work, considering productivity part of cultural work, Simplicity and regularity of forms are functional, expressive and symbolic needs. strong ideological reference for The Bauhaus
  • AEG

    The AEG, Allgemeine Elektricitäts Gesellschaft (General Electricity Society), was a company that supplied Germany with lamps, motors and electric turbines founded in 1883, and later with household appliances.
    Brand new products; the incandescent bulb, lamps, dynamos motors, fans etc.
  • Ero Saarinen

    Ero Saarinen
    Architect and furniture designer. Winner of the Moma Organic Design Contest. Creator of various organic chair and sofa designs.
  • Inauguration of the Bauhaus in Weimar

    Inauguration of the Bauhaus in Weimar
    Inaugurated by Walter Gropious whose objective was: "Let us create together the new construction of the future, which will be a whole: Architecture and sculpture and painting."
    Your learning hierarchy: Apprentice - Officer - Teacher
  • Period: to

    BAUHAUS School

    It was the school of arts, design, art and architecture founded in 1919 by Walter Gropius in Weimar. The most emblematic innovation consists in the use of steel tube folding in furniture (Breuer); The pedagogical orientation is summed up in the phrase “learning by doing” so that only prototypes are made. Later influence in Germany, the ULM school Germany 1955-1968
  • Creation of the VKhUTEMAS

    Creation of the VKhUTEMAS
    It means Higher Artistic and Technical Workshops of the State and its objective: "Advanced artistic and technical education, created to prepare artists highly qualified teachers for the industry, as well as instructors and directors of professional and technical education”
  • Period: to

    Art Deco

    In Art Deco furniture, the use of exotic materials as well as lacquer applied with the oriental technique stands out. Transcendence in furniture, accessories, Architecture, glass. metal, paint, letterpress in geometric reduction. The stepped structure. Objects treated with pure colors or curvilinear profiles, in addition, it focuses more on the artistic aspect of its productions than on its industrialization, maintaining the "decorative" sense.
  • Rene Lalique and the Glass

    Rene Lalique and the Glass
    René Lalique and his techniques with glass gave rise to a style that was expressed essentially through the contrast between clear glass and frosted glass. He sometimes added a patina or enamel or used stained glass. a great influence for the Art Deco movement.
  • Death of Antoni Gaudi

    Death of Antoni Gaudi
  • Bel Geddes Activities (1927-1932)

    Bel Geddes Activities (1927-1932)
    He was dedicated to architecture and product styling. His designs had a futuristic concept. He designed futuristic cars for the Graham-Paige company.
  • Closing of the Bauhaus

    Closing of the Bauhaus
  • Bel Geddes and the Future

    Bel Geddes and the Future
    He designed the General Motors Futurama exhibit for the New York World's Fair which speculated on the future.
  • MoMA Home Furnishings Organic Design Contest and Exhibition

    MoMA Home Furnishings Organic Design Contest and Exhibition
    It was a competition to challenge designers to submit organically designed furniture, lamps and textiles.
    Sponsored by MoMA (Museum Of Modern ARTS) and organized to counter the stagnation in furniture design of the time, the winners were Eero Sarinen and Charles Eames.
  • Death of Lalique

    Death of Lalique
  • Harry Bertoia Experimentation

    Harry Bertoia Experimentation
    Harry Bertoia experimented with metal wire used so far in the world of sculpture to design a revered collection of chairs including this piece, the Asymmetrical Chaise Lounge. Innovative, comfortable and surprisingly eye-catching, its delicate appearance belies its strength and durability.
  • Scandinavian

    The Scandinavian style had a great influence on international industrial design.
  • ULM School

    ULM School
    The Ulm School is founded. was a university school of design based in Ulm, Germany. During its operation, new approaches to design based on the search for harmony between the shape of an object and its use were investigated and put into practice.
  • Leplat and Guiguet

    Leplat and Guiguet
    It is published ('adaptation de la machine et L'homme. De faverge, Leplat and Guiguet First work in French completely dedicated to ergonomics. For those Faverge and his team systematically teach ergonomics at the free university of Brussels.
  • Ergonomic Association

    Ergonomic Association
    The International Ergonomic Association is created and supported by the decision of the 1959 British Ergonomic Society annual conference with the participation of more than thirty countries. The work Adaptation of the Machine to Man by Faverge, Leplat and Guiguet is published in Spanish.
  • Canon

    Photocopiers and the first recorders (Canon) enter the industry
  • Period: to


    Reduction of expressive means and vindication of empty space, geometric shapes, rigid pianos of color. grid composition Fashion Issey Miyake Issey Miyake
  • Braun Awards

    Braun Awards
    Created the International Braun Awards for Best Engineered Designs.
  • UNAM

    The school of industrial design is founded at UNAM
  • Ten Ergonomics Manuals

    Ten Ergonomics Manuals
    Ten ergonomics manuals were published in Japan. During this time the new discipline develops and takes hold in countries such as France, Sweden, Japan, the Federal Republic of Germany, Italy, Canada, and India.
  • Jorge Tadeo Lozano University starts the industrial design program

    Jorge Tadeo Lozano University starts the industrial design program
  • Products

    Young market for cheap and poor quality products Question the precepts of good design. "Use it today and throw it away tomorrow"
  • Pontifica Universidad Javeriana

    Pontifica Universidad Javeriana
    The Industrial Design program began academic activities in February 1977, being the second of its kind in Colombia.
  • Singleton

    William Singleton discovers in detail the development of industrialization and its applications
  • Naomi Klein

    Naomi Klein
    Naomi Klein (No Logo) Treatise on Anti-Globalization Sets the Tone of the Cooper Hewitt Brand and Consumerism Debate, National Design Museum Launches Annual National Design Awards
  • Apple

    The first Apple retail store opens. Steve Jobs announces the first generation iPod, which can hold 5 GB of music. The September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center destroyed two of the architectural and engineering feats: The Twin Towers.
  • LEGO

    The Lego Stop-motion animation of the video White Stripes by Michel Gondry heralds a new generation of video and commercial authors who carry their specific aesthetics in their feature films
  • Droog Design Foundation

    Droog Design Foundation
    Droog Design Foundation opens its first retail store in Amsterdam, becoming the magnetic center of an era of ingenious theme-oriented industrial design.
  • The Beautiful Losers

    The Beautiful Losers
    The Beautiful Losers exhibition opens at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, legitimizing the work of street artists and skateboarders who have influenced culture for decades.
  • Etsy.com

    Launches As A New Way For A Growing Community Of Designers, Makers And Crafters To Sell Their Products Online
  • Nintendo Wii

    Nintendo Wii
    The Wii game console is released by Nintendo, forever transforming the way we interact with games. "We don't need to go out ever again"
  • Amazon

    Amazon's e-book reader Kindle makes its debut. Book designers call it a print killer. Industrial designers call it ugly. "One more thing ..." At Apple's main event, Jobs introduces the iPhone.
  • Kyoto Design Treaty

    Kyoto Design Treaty
    The Designers Agreement, known as the "Kyoto Design Treaty", sees 120,000 firms and individuals signing as adopters. Industrial designer Philippe Starck declares that "design is dead"
  • LG

    The LG Wireless Charger was introduced. This new device denotes the triumph of LG's innovative mind as the world's first wireless charging solution.
  • Ergonomic

    In Colombia as well as in all Latin American countries, the domain of study of ergonomics that has been studied the most acid on the physical piano. The one related to work postures, movements, the physiological capacity of the person and the application of force mainly.
  • Design Magazine

    Design Magazine
    The double page spread as double page design is known in the world of magazines has had a decisive influence on the format of web pages. The use of custom fonts and the placement of objects outside the traditional web design grids are one of the most distinctive hallmarks of an avant-garde format
  • Postgraduate courses in Ergonomics

    Postgraduate courses in Ergonomics
    Offer in Colombia of postgraduate courses in Ergonomics. The only educational institutions of higher education that offer postgraduate programs in Ergonomics in Colombia are ECR (Colombian School of Rehabilitation) Universidad del Bosque Universidad de Antioquia
  • Nature Products

    Nature Products
    Product design is customized. Nature is present mass not only as a material of use, but also in the inspiration of designs with organic forms
  • Minimalism

    Minimalism is once again a trend, in design the maxim of 'less is more' seems to never go out of style. In addition, environmentally friendly packaging seems to gain strength both in design and in the materials used.
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