History Of disease

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    Dead bodies in wells

    During the acient greek period of history the spartans threw dead infected bodies down wells in athens to infect the acient city.
  • Oct 13, 1348

    Black death

    WikepediaThe black death killed alot of people in the thirteenth century throughout europe but it also wiped out one fifth of the population of London.The black death was spread by fleas which travelled on rats and bit humans infecting them.
  • Vaccinations

    In the seventeenth century Dr.Edward Jenner created a vaccination by accident his assistant accidentely injected a chicken with a disease which sat in a lab for ages so the cells weakend and Edward Jenner then injected the chicken with a harmful disease and it was not harmed as the chickens immune system analysed the microbes and created white blood cells to protect and defeat the dangerous microbes.
  • Louis Pasteur

    In 1848 Louis Pasteur monitered bacteria in milk and as the bacteria multiplied Louis boiled the milk and checked for bacteria and there was none left Today that process is known as pasterisation.
  • Cholera outbreak

    In 1854 John Snow found the disease cholera in the wells of the scums also known as the 5 points where greedy landlords charge ridiculous amounts for stay and they never cleaned it or upgraded it and they would put several diffrent foreign families in the same room. UNHYGENIC this is how disease spread.
  • Gruinard island

    The british army threw an anthrax bomb onto gruinard island to test its capability to spread this was tested on sheep spaced 10m apart in the end the all the sheep died from eating the fungus (mushrooms) that it infected. It took over 40 years to disinfect gruinard island.
  • Foot and Mouth disease outbreak

    Foot and mouth disease spread between farms all over the country in 2007 and over 2.1 million cows and other farm animals had to put down and burnt to stop the disease spreading even more.
  • Swine Flu Outbreak

    In 2009 Swine Flu adapted (mutated) its self so it affected humans aswell as pigs. Swine Flu Symptons are nausea and headaches. But some people belive that the goverment adapted it in a lab so they could earn money out of it selling the drugs and anti-biotics.