History of Congress

By Milon
  • Period: to

    History of Congress

  • Capital

    Remodel the Capital and 1st Congress met
  • Double Size

    Liberty of Congress double in size
  • Henry Clay

    Henry Clay elected speaker 35 years old
  • War

    Congress elected first war
  • Capital

    The Capital was rebuilt
  • Compromise

    The Missouri Compromise
  • Gold

    Gold found in California
  • Death

    Clay and Webster Died
  • War

    Start of the Civil War
  • Captial

    The Dome on the Capital was finally finished
  • Impeachment

    Congress tried to impeach President Andrew Johnson and failed by 1 vote
  • Temperatures

    Temperatures reached a high of 135 degrees and Congress had to get out of Washington
  • Attacked

    Attacked by Japan
  • Hearing

    McCarthy Hearing
  • Labor

    Labor managements