History of computers

  • Z1 Computer

    First freely programmabe computer
  • ABC Computer

    Who was irst in the computing biz is not as easy as ABC.
  • Harvard Mark 1 Computer

    The Harvrd Mar 1 Computer
  • UNIVAC Computer

    First commercial and able to pick presidential winners.
  • IBM 701 EDPM Computer

    IBm enters history of computers
  • FORTRAN Computer Programming language

    Fist high level programming language
  • ERMA and MICR

    First bank computer used to read check
  • Spacewar Computer game

    First computer game invented
  • COmputer muse and Windows

    Nicknamed the mouse becuase it came out the end
  • ARPAnet

    The original internet
  • Intel 1103 Comuter memory

    First available dynamic Ram Chip
  • Floppy Disk

    Flexible first movable save device
  • Apple I, II & TRS-80 & Commodore Pet Computers

    Moe fist consumer computer
  • IBM PC - Home Computer

    Personal computer
  • apple Lisa Computer

    First home computer with GUI
  • Apple Macintosh Computer

    More affordable home computer with GUI
  • Microsoft Windows

    New user face