History of Computers

  • Konrad Zuse

    Konrad Zuse
    First freely prgramable computer.
    This was important because people realized what could become of computers, and it was groundbreaking for computers future.
  • John Bardeen, Walter Brattain & William Shockley

    John Bardeen, Walter Brattain & William Shockley
    The translator was invented. It was not a computer but this invention greatly affeced the history of computers.
  • Douglas Engelbart

    Douglas Engelbart
    The computer mouse and windows were invented. Nicknamed the mosue becaues the tail came out the end.
  • Robert Metcalfe & Xerox

    Robert Metcalfe & Xerox
    The Ethernet Computer Networking was invented.
    The first consumer computers.
  • Seymour Rubenstein & Rob Barnaby

    Word Processors
  • Apple Lisa Computer

    Apple Lisa Computer
    The first home computer witha GUI, graphical user interface.
  • Microsoft Windows

    Microsoft Windows
    Microsoft begins the friendly war with apple.
  • Jerry Yang and David Filo

    Jerry Yang and David Filo
    Yahoo is founded
  • Apple

    First IPhone was released
  • Apple

    IPad was released