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History of Computers

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    History of Computers

  • First Binary Computer

    First Binary Computer
    Zuse creates the Z1, the first calculating device to use binary.
  • Computer Bug

    Computer Bug
    The first computer bug is found in the Harvard Mark I.
  • Magnetic Storage

    Magnetic Storage
    Jay Forester invents magnetic storage. Grace Murray invents A-O, the first program computer.
  • Second Generation

    Second Generation
    Marks the start of second gen computers. These computers use transisters rather than tubess. John produces computer language LISP. (Funny Name)
  • First Mouse

    First Mouse
    Douglas Engelbart invents and patents the first mouse pointing device.
  • Mass-Produced Microproscesser

    Mass-Produced Microproscesser
    The fist mass produced microproscesser is created, the intel 4004.
  • Begining of Apple

    Begining of Apple
    Steve Jobs and Stephen Wazniak start creating computers in their garage.
  • Apple II

    Apple II
    The Apple II is introduced at a trade show
  • Windows Operation

    Windows Operation
    The Windows operating system is announced. The first laptop computer is created.
  • Year 2000

    Year 2000
    The year 2000 problem is first mentioned in print.
  • Linux! Who Cares?

    Linux! Who Cares?
    The Linux operating system is invented.
    Seriously though, who actually uses it?
  • Armaggedon

    Because of a problem with computers unable to express dates beyond 1999, the world is plunged into armaggedon similar to the road warrior.