History of Computers

  • Boolean Logic

    Boolean Logic
    George Boole creates Boolean Logic. One day this will become the basis for computer logic.
  • IBM is Created

    IBM is Created
    Previously named CTR, the company that will change the world of computers is born.
  • Encryption

    Computers are used for more things than simple equations. They are used to encrypt messages for war.
  • Digital Computer

    Digital Computer
    The first digital computer protoype is created. The first footstep into the digital age has been made.
  • Computer Language

    Computer Language
    First high tech language for computers is created. If this never happend, then we couldn't do nearly as many things we can do now on computers.
  • First Chip

    First Chip
    The first computer chip or IC (integraded circut) is created. The start of CPU is being made.
  • ARPA

    Prototype of the internet is created. Only three letters were seen on the opposing computer of the one typing the message before the system crashed.
  • First RAM chip

    First RAM chip
    The first RAM chip is introduced by Intel. If this were not to happen then we could barely hold a program on our PCs today.
  • Mac Computer

    Mac Computer
    The first Mac computer is created. This kicks off the PC craze that everyone wants.
  • Ipod

    The Ipod is created. This starts the revolutionary idea of portable, personal music.