History of Computer - 1960

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  • 1960 - COBOL

    1960 - COBOL
    In 1960, several computer manufacturers and the Pentagon develop COBOL—an acronym for Common Business-Oriented Language. Which also means "computer programming language". 80% of all business software code today still use COBOL.
  • 1961 - First Online Communities

    1961 - First Online Communities
    In 1961, people could share a single computer, using terminals (also known as teleprinters) to log in over phone lines. These timesharing computers were like central hubs with spokes radiating to individual users. They could not connect with each other. however, these were the first common multi-user systems, with dozens of people online at the same time. From that, it came later the networks, from file sharing to e-mail and chat.
  • 1963 - Artificial Arms

    1963 - Artificial Arms
    In 1963, researchers at the Rancho Los Amigos in Downey, California created what is called The Rancho Arm as a tool for the handicapped. It is a machine that is used as a human arms and controlled by a computer. Stanford University holds a place for this invention as being the First Artificial Robotic Arm.
  • 1965 - AI and Desktop Computer

    1965 - AI and Desktop Computer
    In 1963, two events happened.
    The first one, led by Stanford professors created DENDRAL, the first Artificial Intelligence (AI). It was designed to be a software expert and used to apply the accumulated expertise of specialists to problem solving, for areas such as chemistry and physics.
    Later that year came the second event, the production of Victor 3900 Desktop Calculator. Victor was the first to use shift register for both logic and memory, which could perform multiple functions.
  • 1969 - We are getting online

    1969 - We are getting online
    In late October of 1969, Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, is the first large-scale, with multi-purpose computer network to connect different kinds of computer. Which gave start to the network world.