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History of cable research

  • What caused John Walson to make cable tv

    What caused John Walson to make cable tv
    He made it so that people could get better reception and so that they could listen to the radio and watch tv on very little screens.
  • Cable was invented

    Cable was invented
    John Walson Sr. was the inventor of cable television and now is recognized as U.S. Congress and the National Cable Television Association. He invented cable television in 1948 just shortly after the Great Depression.
  • Cable television stating to become known

    Cable television stating to become known
    Cable television originated in the United States almost at the same time in Arkansas, Oregon, and Pennsylvania in 1948 to enhance poor reception of over-the-air television signals in mountainous or geographically remote areas.
  • First cable tv

    First cable tv
    This is the first cable tv for people to use to get better reception and watch stuff we have never heard of.
  • Period: to


    Cable was invented in 1948 and we still cable to this very day even after Netflix and Hulu were invented. Cable television is great because you can get so many channels and watch things you love.
  • Why is cable important

    Why is cable important
    In the 1950s, there were four television networks in the United States. Because of the frequencies allotted to television, the signals could only be received in a "line of sight" from the transmitting antenna. People living in remote areas, especially remote mountainous areas, couldn't see the programs that were already becoming an important part of U.S. culture.
  • Cable tv sets were made

    Cable tv sets were made
    The first set was made by Westinghouse, and sold for $1295. RCA introduced the CT-100 a few weeks later, at a price of $1000. GE sold its 15-inch set for $1,000, Sylvania's cost $1,150 this was the cost of cable in 1950.
  • Period: to

    Cable prices increase

    Between 1980 and 1989, the average price of basic cable doubled to $16 from $8 a month, according to Paul Kagan Associates. Most local cable systems require customers to “buy through” the basic package before they can purchase their first pay TV channel, which typically costs an additional $10 a month.
  • Present day cable tv

    Present day cable tv
    We nowadays use cable television to watch movies and shows. But back then people used cable for better reception.