History of Bobsledding

  • Period: to

    The sled

    Up until 1897 the sled was used as a means of transportation. With the sled you held a rope that was through the actual sled itself to pull posations or people over snow or ice.
  • Sled adds steering

    Sled adds steering
    During the nineteenth centry steering was added to the sleds, to control the direction your sled would go. Making recreational uses easier.
  • First Bobsledding club

    Around this time winter sports became really popular in the resorts of Europe. The first clubs primarly for Bobsledding was made in Switzerland. Bobsledding was made to be a sport for the wealthy.
  • Bobsledding in the U.S

    Around the same time Bobsledding became popular in Switzerland, The U.S had taken it on too. Within the United States Bobsledding had started in Albeny New York. Yet there was a major differnce in the people particapating, Switzerland was only Rich people belonging to the resorts. Well in New York it was anyone any age all they needed was a lumber sled.
  • Breakout in racing

    In 1914 people began taking to the racing side of Bobsledding more than just for fun. Yet they were still only competing on natural tracks.
  • The first steel sled

    In 1923 the first speed sled was made, in Europe of course. It was made to control speed and make efforts to win easier.
  • Bobsledding in the olympics

    Bobsledding made it big in 1924 having its first apperence in the Winter Olympics, held in France. This first time in the olympics it was open for 4 man team sleds.
  • 2 Man Teams

    The 2 man team was first reconized in 1932. Two man teams were now allowed to compete in the winter olympics.
  • Rules

    In 1950 Bobsledding gained standard rules against cheating, they were created to make Bobsledding a fair and fun competitive sport.
  • Weight rules

    In 1952 Weight rules were made limiting the weight in the sled. This made it so teams could no longer uses sample weights in their sleds to increase their speed.