History of Beds

  • Jan 1, 1000

    Primitive Beds

    Primitive Beds
    Year 10000 BC/BCE These "beds" were not the same kind of beds we know of today. Instead of a soft place to lay it would usually be very rough. They would usually throw down some leaves inside a shallow chest of sorts so that they would be more comfortable then just lying on the ground.
  • Period: Mar 18, 1000 to


  • Jan 1, 1100

    Egyptian Beds

    Egyptian Beds
    3000-ish BC/BCE These beds were now made for the royal Pharohs. They were made out of wood and had cloth on the bed to provide comfort. In these times beds were a very special item to have, where as today they are basically in every home.
  • Jan 1, 1300


    27 BC - 393 AD These beds usually were decorated with gold and other luxuries that they had. They improved the bed by making a "stuffing." They would do this by taking hay, cotton, or feathers. This would make it EVEN more comfortable for a user to fall asleep
  • Jan 1, 1500


    1400-1600 During this time people created the matress. They would fill it with pea shucks and then cover it all in silk
  • 1600's

    16th and 17th Century In this period of time the mattresses were filled with straw and placed on top of lines of rope, suspending it in the air. This would allow the bed to be able to move with the motions of a person better, rather then just sitting on top of a hard surface.
  • Well Yah

    Well Yah
  • 1800s

    1800s The mattresses in this time period would be made with cotton rather then straw. This provided more comfort. Also the first cast iron bed was made, along with the first spring mattress. These kinds of beds were made to produce a less attractive environment for bugs.
  • Futons

    Some sort of couch mattress, not really sure.
    It came from Japan.
  • Air Mattress

    Air Mattress
    These were made so that you could transport a sleeping device easily. When reaching your destination you just take out your handy dandy AIR MATTRESS!
  • Introduction to Memory Foam

    Introduction to Memory Foam
    2000-Preasent These beds use a certain foam that adjusts to its surrounding, I.E. A persons body. These are supposed to provide great comfort and help you stay asleep.