History Of Basketball

  • The Year Basketball Was Found

    The Year Basketball Was Found
    Naismith Biography James Naismith is the founder of the sport called basketball. James Naismith took a soccer ball and a peach basket into the gym and created the sport thats very famous all around the world.
  • Rules Of Basketball Made

    Rules Of Basketball Made
    10 feet above the groundThe goal of the game is to make the basketball into the goal thats elecvated 10ft off the ground. You hae to dribble the ball without traveling or commiting any fouls.
  • The Ymca Pioneered Many Of The Games

    The Ymca Pioneered Many Of The Games
    YMCA pioneered many of the gamesJames Naismith was the creater of the first basketball team.
  • First Game Of Basketball Played

    First Game Of Basketball Played
    On this day in 1891The first game of basketball played is at Springfield college.
  • Girls Playing Basketball

    Girls Playing Basketball
    Senda Berenson Abbott Senda Berenson Abbott adopts the rules of James Naismith and teaches the rules of basketball to women at the school of Smith College
  • Another Famous Women

    Another Famous Women
    introduces basketball to girlsClara Gregory Baer did the same thing Senda Berenson Abbott did but she took the game of basketball to another college and that college school is called Sophie Newcomb College, New Orleans.
  • Rules For Girls

    Rules For Girls
    Baer publishes BasquetteThe first set of rules for girls playing basketball
  • Rules Changed

    Rules Changed
    Halves shortened The minutes of halves changed from 25 minutes to 15
  • No Coaches Allowed

    No Coaches Allowed
    No coaching during game Coaches werent allowed to coach during the games until half time
  • Rewrite Rules For Basketball (Girls)

    Rewrite Rules For Basketball (Girls)
    Rewriting of rules Reewrote the rules to confirm mens wording and sequence
  • Internatioal

    women's basketball is included in the competition. International Women's Sports Federation is formed and hosts version of olympics
  • High School Basketball

    High School Basketball
    37 states hold high school varsity basketball In1925 37 states held high school varsity teams and also had state tournaments
  • College Basketball Games

    College Basketball Games
    New York City's Madison Square Garden,By 1934 college games were staged in New York City, Madison Square Garden
  • The League

    The League
    National Basketball League The National Basketball League was formed in 1937
  • Time To Make History

    Time To Make History
    wins the goldThe girls USA olympic team wins gold in the Worlds Champion
  • Wilt Chamberlain Sets A Record

    Wilt Chamberlain Sets A Record
    100-point game Wilt Chamberlain sets a record of making 100 points in one single game.
  • New rules

    New rules
    Five-player, full-court game is adopted. 5 player fulll game court is adopted by girls basketball
  • Shot Clock

    Shot Clock
    30-second shot clock 30 second shot clock is introduced to the game. What that means is you have to shot the basketball in under 30 seconds or its called shot clock violation.
  • College Game Championship

    College Game Championship
    collegiate basketball championship.The Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for women holds its first collegiate basketball championship.
  • Top 20 national poll

    Top 20 national poll
    Mel Greenberg, a journalist Mel Greenberg, a journalist from the Philadelphia realeases the womens top 20 national poll
  • NCAA Women's

    NCAA Women's
    First NCAA Women's National Championships.
    NCAA Women's National Championships.