History of Australia

  • The First Europeans to sail to Australia

    The First Europeans to sail to Australia
    The first Europeans to sail to Australia were called the Dutch although they didn't settle there
  • Captain James sailed

    Captain James sailed
    Captain James Cook sailed around Australia. He named the area New South Wales and ignored the aborigines living there. Captain Cook also claimed the land for England.
  • First Fleet

    First Fleet
    British ships left England with convicts to establish a prison colony
  • British Prisoners

    British Prisoners
    In 1788 British prisoners settled in Australia
  • Aborigines

    remnants of the tribes in the settled areas were moved onto Reserves
  • New South Wales

    New South Wales
    This was the last year New South Wales was officially a penal (prison) colony consisting mainly of convicts, marines (guards), and the marines’ families
  • Commonwealth

    government officials created boundaries for the colonies that are still in place today
  • British transported

    British transported
    British transported prisoners to Australia until 1868
  • Aborigines

    separation was an official government policy which lasted for many decades
  • Immigration restriction act

    Immigration restriction act
    restricted migration to people primarily of European descent
  • Aborigines

    federal government began to pass legislation to help the Aborigines
  • Australian Act

    Australian Act
    Australia Act -- all legal ties with the British Empire were severed
  • Voters and Independent republic

    Voters and Independent republic
    55% of voters rejected the idea of becoming an independent republic.