Australia 022

History of Australia

By patty18
  • Europeans Arrive

    Europeans Arrive
    The first Europeans to sail to Australia were the Dutch (Netherlands) but they didn't settle here. One of the reasons they left was the fact that when they landed they were attacked by the Aborigines. So they abondoned Australia.
  • Captain James Cook and Australia

    Captain James Cook and Australia
    Captain James Cook sailed around Australia, and he named the area New South Wales. He also claimed land for England.Unlike the Dutch Cook ignored the Aborigines.
  • First Fleet

    First Fleet
    British ships, that where called the "First Fleet," left England with some convicts to establish a prison. Marines, as guards, and their families also lived in Australia.
  • Prisoners of Australia

    Prisoners of Australia
    British prisoner settled in Australia. It was now an offical prison. Twenty percent of the first convicts were women. It was also one of the most serious prison where the the worst convicts were sent to.
  • Boundries Created

    Boundries Created
    The government had offically created boundries for the colonies, and they are still present today.
  • Stopping Prisoners From Coming

    Stopping Prisoners From Coming
    The British had stopped transporting prisoners to Australia.
  • Commenwealth

    The commenwealth of Australia was established. The Immigration Restriction Act had also been created this year, but it only lasted until WW2. Fact: Australia use to be known as "Whita Australia."
  • Canberra

    Melbourne was served as the national capital of Australia until Canberra was completed this year.
  • Aborigines

    The federal government began to pass legislation to help Aborigines. That same month the Aboriginal farmers went on a strike for land and rights.
  • Government

    Australia made legal ties with the British Empire which serve today. This made Australia have a British style parliamentary democracy (constitational monarchy.) With Queen Elizabeth ll as their queen.
  • Independent State

    Independent State
    Fifty-five percent of voters in Australia rejected the thought of becoming an independent republic.