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History of Art Timeline

  • 100

    Classical Era 800- 323 BCE

    Classical Era 800- 323 BCE
    Art began several years before the Classical Era. But when the Classical Era began the artist had began to put their art in everyday things. Artist would be asked to make sculptures for several people who would then put the art in their lawns. They would also be asked to make pottery or sculptures of important people. For the Greek it was their Gods and Goddesses in order to worship them. The Roman would make statues of leaders and their Gods and would admire and praise them.
  • 400

    Medieval Art 400- 1400

    Medieval Art 400- 1400
    After the Classical Era the Medieval period began. In the Medieval period the artists would use their art to tell the story of kings, lords, and even to tell religious stories. In this era most of the art had more of a two- dimesional look. Artist barely began to experiment on how to make people look life-like. Several times only rich people would be able to afford to have portraits but it wasn't a common practice, yet, to have this done.
  • Jan 1, 1400

    Renaissance 1400- 1880

    Renaissance 1400- 1880
    The Renaissance was when art and science became popular and important. During the Renaissance several artists began to explore and use shading. Shading is what makes most two-dimensional art look three dimensional. Art was becoming more popular with each passing day and several people were able to afford portraits. During this time period some of the most amazing artworks were created. For example, La Mona Lisa and many others.
  • Jan 1, 1490

    Exploration Era

    Exploration Era
    During the Exploration Era art's popularity decreased as the attention turned to explorations of new worlds. But some explorers did have portraits made of their family in order to be able to remember them while they were gone. But through out it all art still continued to advance. Several artists were still seeked by rulers of the countries in order to have paintings to remind them of the wealth they had. Other artists still continue to work for families.
  • Revolutionary Era 1750- 1859

    Revolutionary Era 1750- 1859
    The Revolutionary Era contained a lot of great artists. Some of the most important historical battles were drawn or painted. Several portraits were made of important historical figures were also made. It also captured the image of what the culture was in that time period. This era used bright colors and dark colors.
  • World War I Era

    World War I Era
    World War I art was created and used in order to convince people to join the military services or also known as propaganda. Most of the propaganda was made to make that specific country look better and stronger than what the opposing country was. The propaganda was also used to make fun of the opposing country. Several posters would show strong men fighting for their country. Others would target family men to want them to protect their children from the war.
  • World War II Era

    World War II Era
    World War II also consisted a lot of propaganda. Some of the propaganda showed the victory of the last war. Others would still make fun of the opposing country. Or they would target young men to join the military forces. The art was very similar bright colors for the country making the posters and dark colors for the opposing countries. But the art didn't really change between WWI and WWII
  • Cold War Era

    Cold War Era
    The Cold War Era was somewhat similar to the art in WWI & WWII. Although some posters would remind people what to do in case of a nuclear explosion. The art would still try to get more recruits for the military services. The colors were somewhat bright, but those bright colors would be balanced with dark colors. The art was important to civilians not only because it reminded them what to do but because it also reminded them that their enemy was still out there.