History of Art

By Rashad8
  • Jan 1, 1000

    Narrative Art

    Narrative Art
    Narrative art tells you about a story or shows you events that are about to be unfolding over time. Narrative art is some of the first artworks ever with ancient people carving narrative art on stones. This art made in the 10th century which is called the Bayeux Tapestry is a story about the events leading up to the Norman conquest of England. This was done on a cloth almost 70 meters long. According to Sylvette Lemagnen a conservator of Tapestry ‘The Bayeux tapestry is one of the supreme achiev
  • Religious Painting

    Religious Painting
    This is a religious painting. This is a religious painting drawn on a canvas with oil paints, painted by the famous artist Mathias Stom. He was a Dutch golden age painter who spent most of his life in Italy. He is best known and mostly paints works on religious things. He drew this painting in the 1603s. This is a painting of the shepherds witnessing the birth of Jesus. What is fascinating about this art is that it shows you how bright Jesus is. Brightness represents power and happiness. It show
  • Portrait

    A triple portrait picture of King Charles. Painted by Anthony Van Dyck in 1635. Sir Anthony Van Dyck was a Flemish Baroque artist (art made in the Netherlands during the Spanish control in the 16th century) who became the leading court painter in England. Anthony was a very successful artist and is known for his works on drawing King Charles the 1st. A portrait is to show the visual of a person. This painting grabbed my attention because it looks very real. It also shows how serious and high cla
  • Genre Art

    Genre Art
    A genre art is a scene of everyday life. This is a genre art painting called the Filial Piety, created by the famous artist Jean-Baptiste Greuze in 1763. He was born in the French region of Burgundy. He is known to have formed his own talent. He enjoyed his life and was known as one of the best portrait painters. This famous painting by him was called the Severe et Caracalla. A genre painting is a painting of day to day life scenes. In this painting you see a man who looks sick and has his fami
  • Historical scene

    Historical scene
    Historical scene paintings are paintings of historical important moments. This painting drawn in 1778 by Jacques-Louis David a French painter shows the death of Socrates. This is an oil painting drawn on a canvas. Like many of his works, this painting shows a subject of history. In this painting it shows the execution of Socrates a Greek philosopher. As told in the story he got executed for criticizing the tyrant of Athens. Looking at this painting, you can see the man who is raising his left ha
  • Still Life

    Still Life
    This is painting is an example of a still life painting which is paintings of non living objects like food.This painting called the Attributes of Painting painted by Anne Vellayer Coaster. Anne was a 18th century painter from France. Despite the poor reputation of still life painting, Anne got really good at it. Soon after practicing and getting really good skills for drawing it Anne got recognition for that. This paining shows the tools needed for a painter, the oil painters and the different m
  • Landscape

    This is an example of a landscape, which is scenes of an outdoor view.This painting painted by John Constable the British painter in the 1820’s shows the rural scene on the river Stour in England. This painting is called The Hay Wain. This is one of the greatest English paintings. This painting was painted on a canvas by oils. This painting shows three horses pulling a farm cart accros the river. The shadowing of the clouds and the trees in the water makes this painting look so real. This shows
  • Symbol Painting

    Symbol Painting
    This painting painted by Carlos Schwabe is a painting of a symbol. Carlos was a German symbolist and painter. A symbol painting shows an element that abstracts an idea or has a meaning. This painting is called the death of the grave digger painted in 1895. This painting shows death, angel, and snow. This painting shows the grave digger looking up at an angel while he is in his grave. Carlos painted this because his friend passed away and he wanted to draw something representing death and the aft