History Japan Assignment

  • 1008


    In 1008, Lady Murasaki Shikibu wrote the Tale of Genji. Lady Murasaki was an avid writer of poetry, and it is commonly thought that her husband's death is what first inspired her to write The Tale of Genji. When her reputation as a writer spread, Lady Murasaki was invited to be a lady-in-waiting to Empress Shōshi at the Imperial Heian Court.
  • Period: 1008 to

    History Japan Assignemnt

  • 1180


    In 1180, when the Genpei War begun, Samurai warriors were mainly men in feudal Japan. However, there were some female samurais and received the same fighting training as the rest. Samurai women were highly valued as they showed a strong level of loyalty and bravery. The husbands of those women were also typically warriors.
  • 1185


    In 1185, during the end of the Genpai War, Tomoe Gozen who was one of the most notable female samurai fought
  • 1333


    In 1333, the wife of the first shogun in the Kamakura period, became a prominent player in politics. After the death of her husband, Masako became a Buddhist nun – a traditional fate of samurai widows – but continued her involvement in politics.
  • 1607

    In 1607, Kasuga no Tsubone, shōgun Tokugawa Iemitsu's wet nurse. She became the first Jōrō Otoshiyori in 1607 after being recommended by the first Midaidokoro, Oeyo. She managed the Ooku with Oeyo
  • 1705

    In 1705, Lady Akimoto, who became Jōrō Otoshiyori in 1705 after the death of Lady Emonnosuke. She retired in 1709.
  • 1868

    In 1868, feminism in feudal Japan began with the women's rights movement that occurred
  • 1890

    In 1890 Japanese women were bound by the traditional patriarchal system where male members of the family maintained the authority of the women in the household.
  • 1899

    In 1899, women were given the right to get education through new orders and institutes allowing girls to learn along with boys
  • 1919

    In 1919 the New women Association began in Japan which achieved the right of protection and inclusion for the female class