Timeline created by benneja08
  • Cumberland Road

    Construction started to build the first road
    Additions were added to make it longer. 1850 the last add on was completed. It reached all the way to Illnois
  • Era of Good Feelings

    Peace, pride and progress until 1825
  • Rush Bagot Agreement

    Limited naval power on the Great Lakes for both British Canada and the United States
  • Erie Canal

    Construction has began
  • Jackson's Troops Invade

    Jackson's troops invaded Florida to capture Seminole raiders
  • Convention of 1818

    Set border between the United States and Canada at 49N latitude
  • McCulloch v. Maryland

    This created the national bank
  • Thomas Cole

    Thomas Cole moved to the US from Britain
  • Adam-Onis Treaty

    Settled all border disputes between Spain and the United States
  • Missouri Compromise

    Settled all the conflicts that had arose from their application of statehood
  • James Fenimore Cooper

    Cooper's book The Spy was published. It was a story set during the American Revolution.
  • Mexico broke free from Spain

    President Monroe began to worry for he thought European countries would start to come for the Americas.
  • Books

    Cooper published yet another book! Now The Pioneers was released
  • Monroe Doctrine

    The Monroe Doctrine was created on this December day! Warning the Europeans not to interfere with the Americas
  • Gibbons v. Ogden

    Says that the states could not interfere with the power of Congress
  • The Election of 1824

    Andrew Jackson won the popular vote but didnt have enough electoral votes to win. So John Quincy Adams became president instead
  • Erie Canal

    Finally completed! Moved from Lake Erie to New York
  • Hudson River School

    The Hudson River School was created! They created paintings that reflected national pride.
  • Schools

    Massachusetts lawmakers created a state board of education
  • Art Changes

    Changes in the style has began to change, now the are making the American landscape more scenes from people's daily life.