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  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    America now wants independence from England and be their own country. The countries founding fathers sign a letter to England telling them that they want to be their own country.
  • The louisiana Purchase

    The louisiana Purchase
    Thomas Jefferson, the current president had bought 828,000 square miles of land west of the Mississippi River. Three cents per acre. The purchase doubled the size of the United States of America. Thomas Jefferson bought it for 15 million dollars. Thus making it the best real estate deal in history. (HistoryNet)
  • Lewis and Clark Journey

    Lewis and Clark Journey
    After Thomas Jefferson buys the territory he sends out two men to explore the territory. Their names were Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on a 8,000 miles journey to the pacific ocean. The journey was a huge success due to only one person dying on the way. (History Chanel)
  • Alamo

    Mexico owend Texas at this time and they wanted to invest in it. Mexico let the Americans live there with minimal taxes. Soon the Americans got arrogant and started to disobey laws and they wanted to declare independence(because their Americans, duh) So the Mexicans fought and won. (American-historama.org)
  • Oregon Trail

    Oregon Trail
    The Oregon Trail was a trail that Most Americans used to go West. They were used by over 400,000 people, miners, farmers, merchants.(History Chanel)
  • Gold Rush

    Gold Rush
    A man in California discovered a gold nugget in 1848. When word broke out people from Ireland, China, Mexico, and Americans go to California. Merchants raised the prices for tools and the basic needs to live for the prospectors.
  • Titanic

    The Titanic, one of three sisters ships, which were the biggest boats at the time. On the way to Southampton it crashes into a ice bergh and sinks claiming the lives of thousands.
  • Disney Starts

    Disney Starts
    Walt Disney Starts his company. Which would soon be know for family entertainment for many generations. Walt starts his company with the short film of "Steam boat Willy" Starring Mickey mouse for the first time.
  • Charles Lindbergh

    Charles Lindbergh
    Charles Lindbergh flies across the Atlantic. Nobody at the time has ever dared to fly the whole way across the Atlantic. After Charles Lindbergh arrives in Paris, France he becomes the most famous man at the time.
  • Lindbergh Kidnapping

    Lindbergh Kidnapping
    Charles Lindbergh the same man who had flew across the Atlantic, was at home March 1, 1932. He thought his baby was asleep upstairs. Charles Lindbergh jr. as kidnapped that night. The public went crazy and there was a huge search party, But unfortunately it was too late for Charlie and he died due to a fatal blow to the head.
  • First Superman Comic

    First Superman Comic
    The first superman comic came out April 18, 1938. This paperback book would effect culture today. Without it DC and Marvel comics would have been started. This comic shaped the future of superheros and other Characters as well.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    The U.S. didn't want to join world War 2 but when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941. It caused the U.S. to join the war and then it became a global war.
  • Elvis on Ed Sullivan Show

    Elvis on Ed Sullivan Show
    Actor, Charles Laughton, was being a substitute for Ed Sullivan when Elvis Presley made his first debut for the season premiere of the Ed Sullivan show. Launching his career in singing on CBS.
  • Hanna-Barbera

    American motion picture animators and partners William Hanna and Joseph Barbera first founded their comapany that will make Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, and Scooby Doo.
  • Woodstock

    A Music festival is canceled due to having nowhere to have it until a farmer offered to have the festival at his dairy farm. The festival was a huge hit and went down in history.
  • David Cassidy stars on The Partridge Family

    David Cassidy stars on The Partridge Family
    David Cassidy Former Teen idol appears on the Partridge Family which would be the start of his career.
  • destruction of Berlin Wall

    destruction of Berlin Wall
    The Berlin wall was created between east and west Germany during the cold war. The wall separated families and friends. In the 1990s the wall was finally taken down.
  • 911

    On the morning of 911 a group of Islamic terrorist send plane to crash into one of the twin towers in New York. Then another plane flew into the other twin tower. Trapping and killing many people inside.
  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    The day I was born
  • Michael Jackson Died

    Michael Jackson Died
    Michael Jackson is a famous singer and considered the king of pop. He his famous for singing the songs Billie Jean, Beat it, Man in the Mirror, and the most famous one of all... Thriller. Michael Jackson died June 25, 2009.