• Canada Joins the War

    Snice Canada was not fully Independent and because britian still controlled their foreign policy.
  • Canada offers Britain troops overseas service

  • Second Battle of the Ypres

    Canadian troops were told to help France and Britian troops near Ypres and belgium.
  • The Battle of Somme

  • The Battle Of Vimy Ridge

  • The Halifax Explosion

  • Prohibition in Canada

    Women's groups had campaigned for a ban on liquor for a long time.
  • Winnipeg General Strike

  • Treaty Of Verailles

  • The Great Depression

    Canada spent 10 years of econmic crash. Many people without jobs.
  • The Stock Market Crash (Black Thursday)

    Wheat prices has gone to a high limit. Where everyone wanted to sell thier Wheat but not many wanted to buy.
  • Black Tuesday

    The Great Crash, also known as "Black Tuesday", was the day the stock market crashed in October 1929.
  • Cairine Wilson becomes Canada's first female senator

  • On to the Ottawa Trek

    In 1932, the government set up a number of relief camps located in isolated northern areas of the country.
  • D-Day

    Canada had a mayjor role in D-Day, Canada sent 14,000 soldiers to land on the beaches.
  • The Baby Boom

    When people in the 1959 started to make alot of babies therefore they called it a baby boom
  • The Constitution Act

    This act gave the country full independence from Great Britian.