• Election of 1828

    After Jackson lost the 1824 election he felt like it was stolen from him. For the next 4 years he split the Democratic-Republican party between the supporters if Jackson and Adams. After lots more struggle Jackson won the 1828 election
  • Publishing of Websters Dictonary

    Noah Webster invented these books in 1828. Noah was 70 at the time these came out. This dictionary has over 70,000 entries in it against the previous one with 58,000. There were only 2,500 copies printed at first but this soon grew to be very successful.
  • Beginning of the Trail of Tears

    Beginning of the Trail of Tears
    In the beggining of fall in 1831 the Choctaw and other southeast tribes removed from their lsnds and relocated into Indian Territory. In 1838 federal troops commanded by General Winfield Scott rounded up 16,000 Cherokeys with nothing but the clothes on their backs and took them away. In 1838 these indians set out on a long journey and one fourth died from illness.
  • Lowell Massachusetts Girls labor strike

    Lowell Massachusetts Girls labor strike
    In 1836 1,500 women who worked at a mill went on strike because they wanted better conditions. Eleven-year-old Harriet Hanson helped lead the strikers. Other workers asked for better working conditions or higher wages. This helped women get to work for the same as men.
  • Battle of the Alamo

    Battle of the Alamo
    Texas and Santa Fe were in a war for the alamo but Texas was only beggining and didn't have a great army. In the last battle for the alamo Texas had won while only losing 5 men in the process
  • Death of Joseph Smith

    Death of Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith marked a point for the Latter Day Saint Movement of which Smith was the founder and leader when he was attacked and killed by a mob. He was also the mayor of Nauvoo, Illinois.
  • Irish Potato Famine

    Irish Potato Famine
    Ireland was struck by famine in 1845 having a loss of there main food potatoes. This famine killed over 1 mil people and as an effect many people moved to America. By 1850 Irish made up 1/4 of the population in Boston, New York, Philidelphia, and Baltimore.
  • Thoreau writes work Walden

    Thoreau writes work Walden
    Walden is Thoreau's life. He wrote in the woods where he lived. He said that people should live by their own individual standards. He belonged to a group of thinkers called transcendentalism. Thoreau didn't want to support the U.S. government
  • End of the Mexican War

    End of the Mexican War
    General Winfield Scott led the fight against Mexico. Fighting continued for a long time but in the final battle Scott started toward Mexico CIty. Despite Mexico's resistance they still lost.
  • Fredrick Douglass Auto Biography

    Fredrick Douglass Auto Biography
    Douglass was a slave and after he was freed he did some great things. He published his autobiography to show how his life was. This showed people how bad slavery was.
  • Seneca Falls Convention

    Seneca Falls Convention
    This was a group of between 100-300 people that brought complaints. They thought it should be fair. In the end women got rights just like men.
  • Beggining of the California Gold Rush

    Beggining of the California Gold Rush
    News of Marshall's thrilling discovery. From all over California people were trying to get some gold. The following year thousands of gold seekers went to search for gold in California. This is known as the California Gold Rush