• the act

    Aborigines excluded from the cencus and put under the flora and fauna act.
    It was because they were not consiterd as people.
    they felt left out and worthless
  • no vote

    The Commonwealth Franchise Act passed by the new Commonwealth Government takes away the right to vote for most Aboriginal people.
    They did this because they wanted to exclude the aborigines.
    The aboriginals did not think this was fair and protested
  • old age pension

    The Invalid and Old Age Pension Act provides social security for all Australians except Aborigines They got treted like this because they were not counted as humans
  • the stolen generation

    Aborigines Protection Act 1909 gives APB the power to remove Aboriginal children from their families.
    They tried to mke the aborigines english.
    The aborigine children tried to escape out of the camps
  • ww1

    Beginning of WWI. Approximately 400 to 500 Aboriginal children continue to be removed from their families.
    The farthers that were at war did not know that there chuildren were getting taken away.
    This made the aborigines even more angry
  • killing

    Aboriginal population of Australia is estimated to be 60 000. It is widely believed to be a dying race.
    This means that aboriginal people are being killed by the english.
    The aboriginal people were angry
  • massacre

    Coniston massacre, settlers and police shoot 31 Indigenous Austraians after a white dingo trapper is killed.
    they were angry that people trapped a dingo so they killed the catcher.
    31 aborigines were killed
  • excluding aboriguine people from towns

    Western Australia Aborigines Act is amended to permit Aboriginal people to be taken into custody without trial or appeal and to prevent them from entering prescribed towns without a permit.
    This means aborigine people cant go into some towns
    aboriginal people cant travem much
  • day of mourning

    day of mourning held by Aborigines League is the first major protest.
    they were sad they were treated as strangers in there own contry
    they protested.
  • army vote

    Australian Citizenship Act gives Indigenous Australians the vote in Commonwealth elections if they are enrolled for State elections or have served in the Armed Forces.
    They started to see that aboriginal people are people but still did not give them enough rights
    the people that went to war got to vote but the other people did not.
  • marbo day event

    marbo day is very important to aborigine and torristrate people,.
    They fought 10 years to get marbos land
    Marbo day brought people together
  • marbo day

    marbo day is very important t aborigine and torristrate people.
    they fought for 10 years to get marbos land
    Marbo day brought people together