Historical Reenactments on Twitter

  • TwHistory

    Students or volunteers pick a well-documented historical event. They pick real historical figures who were at that event, and create tweets based on original source documentation. These tweets are then scheduled to be broadcast in real time. The end result is a virtual reenactment of a historical event, broadcast in real time.
  • TwHistory: Battle of Gettysburg

    TwHistory: Battle of Gettysburg
    Each Twitter account in the re-enactment represents a historical figure, and you are trying to portray that person's actions as accurately as possible. We use the first person to give the feeling that the event is happening in real time. --Tom Caswell
  • John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

    John F. Kennedy Presidential Library
    An interactive experience recreating the historic Apollo 11 mission to the Moon in real time.
  • John Quincy Adams' Journal

    John Quincy Adams' Journal
    JQA's numerous diaries and likens the short entries within his line-a-day diary to posts to the micro-blogging website, Twitter.
  • Samuel Pepys' Diary

    Samuel Pepys' Diary
    17th century London diarist currently Twittering 1668's events in real time. Run by @philgyford
  • UK National Archives

    UK National Archives
    Watch WWII unfold 70 years to the day through original Cabinet Papers from 1941 held at The National Archives.
  • Robert Falcon Scott's Terra Nova Expedition

    Robert Falcon Scott's Terra Nova Expedition
    Captain Robert Falcon Scott. Royal Navy Officer and Polar explorer. These tweets will be a centenary celebration of my final expedition to Antarctica.
  • The Washington Post: A House Divided

    The Washington Post: A House Divided
    The Post is tweeting the Civil War, in the words of the people who lived it 150 years ago - from journals, letters, records and newspapers.
  • Paul Revere House

    Paul Revere House
    The famous Midnight Rider learning to spread news in the 21st century.
  • Real Time WWII

    Real Time WWII
    Live tweeting the Second World War, as it happens on this date and time in 1939, and for 6 years to come. Contact via or Facebook.
  • 1948 Arab-Israeli War

    1948 Arab-Israeli War
    Nov. 1947. UN votes to partition Palestine into 2 states, Jewish and Arab. Follow events as they happen leading up to and during the War of Independence 1947-49