Historical Events in Guatemala

  • Guatemala gets it Independence

    Guatemala gets it Independence
    The elite persons of Guatemala signs the declaration of independece
  • Guatemala se anexa a Mexico

    Guatemala se anexo a Mexico porque el gobierno no tenia Dinero para sacar adelante al pais
  • Guatemala se convierte en una Federacion

    Guatemala se desanexa de Mexico y grea una Federacion
  • Centralamerica becomes a independent states

    Centralamerica becomes a independent states
    THe Federation desintagrates
  • United Fruit Company

    United Fruit Company
    this company entered Guatemala exporting bananas to the U.S. and creating the larges exportation of bananas to the U.S.
  • Revolucion Liberal

    Revolucion Liberal
    Jacobo Arbenz y Juan Jose Arevalo iniciaron la revolucion liberal que duro 10 años
  • La Contrarevolucion

    La Contrarevolucion
    Jacobo Arbenz tuvo que dejar la presidencia y lo apodero el coronel Carlos Castillo Armas
  • Guatemalan Civil War

    Guatemala enters into a Civil War
  • Guatemalan Civil War Ends

    Guatemalan Civil War Ends
    President Alvaro Arzu sign the peace treaty
  • 2012-2016 elections

    2012-2016 elections
    Partido Patriota and Lider won the first round of the election