Histoire de broadcasting

  • First time

    First time
    A still picture was transmitted through a wire.
  • Period: to


  • Reborn

    first moving images were transmitted between washington D.C. and New York City
  • T.V. Sets

    200 T.V. sets in the U.S.
  • Broadcast of an event

    The R.C.A. broadcast the first televised presidential speech by Roosevelt.
  • T.V. ste increase

    T.V. ste increase
    -1 million t.v. sets in the U.S. .
    -Community antenna television introduce in rural areas of Pennsylvania. (Now known as Cable tv)
    -Television was mostly live as programs were being broadcast as they were happening.
    -Film recording quality was poor.
  • Satellite broadcasting

    Satellite broadcasting was introduced and made it possible to send and receive television signals worldwide
  • Satellite broadcast watching

    Satellite broadcast watching
    Satellite broadcasting allowed people around the world to watch the images transmitted from the moon landing.
  • videotape recording

    videotape recording
    A practical videotape recording system for home use became available
  • Growth of television technology

    Growth of television technology
    Consumers coud subscribe to direct delivery programming to their homes; instead of broadcasting
  • T.V. set increase

    Over 1 billion t.v. sets worldwide
  • Change in FCC

    FCC approves the standard for broadcast for HD T.v.
  • New changes to FCC

    FCC mandated that all TV manufacturers equip new tvs with tuners capable of receiving digital signals by 2007.
  • Digital broadcasts

    Digital broadcasts
    FCC mandates no more broadcast by antenna, only digital.