Hillel's Jewish Growth Timeline

  • Trip to Israel with family for the summer

    Some of my first memories. where I fell in love with the urban envirenments especially the sights and smells of a city.
  • Experienced the transendance of Shabbat while staring out my living room window as the sun set

  • First Neilah

  • Period: to

    Lived in Jerusalem while my Father was on Sabbatical

  • bar mitavah

  • Summer Camp Judaics Teacher

    Out of the slew of options for the daily Judaics class required of every camper somehow I ended up in the serious text study class instead of the usual Jewish values through blank (movies, mtv, food, etc) that were so prevleant and popular. Which is not to bash any of those options, as I in general have many posiitive memories from taking classes at camp (and now teaching) along those same lines. But to be offered a text class, where we actually looked at what the Rabbis wrote, in the trad for
  • Studied Talmud at an academic level for the first time

  • Happened to sit next to my old camp counselor on a bus ride from providence to nyc

    transformative conversation about everything including theology
  • worked at Mit hillel with religious leaders from other faiths

    taught me the power of religious leadership
  • Married

  • Started Rabbinical School

  • Eli was born