"Her voice was preserved" The story of Anne Frank

  • Anne gets her diary

    It is Anne's birthday and she turns 13. She receives many presents and one of them is a diary. She starts writing in it 2 days later, on the fourteenth.
  • Period: to

    "Her voice was preserved"

  • Anne and her family go into hiding

    The Franks have been planning to go into hiding for some time, and get a phone call that convinces them to hurry. The S.S. want Margot, Anne's sister, so they pack their things and put on all their clothes. They head out and move into the secret annex.
  • The Van Daans move in

    Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan and their son Peter move into the Secret Annexe. Mrs. Van Daan is not a person who other people would want to live with. She complains a lot, is selfish and vain, always complains about Anne's "bad upbringing" and is a hypocrite. For example, she loudly discussed the fact that Anne had not eaten a lot of vegetables at dinner while she had a very small helping of vegetables herself.
  • Jewish people start being taken away from Holland

    The friends of Anne and her family are being taken away by the Gestapo. They are forced into cattle trucks and sent to a camp called Westerbork. On the radio the Franks have heard about them being murdered there.
  • Dussel moves in

    The people living in the Secret Annexe decide to let an eighth person live with them and choose Albert Dussel, a dentist. He seems like a nice person at first, but starts to become a person who sees fault with everything. He shares Anne's room and wakes her up early every morning when he does his exercises.
  • Anne has a problem with her mother

    Anne is lying on her bed waiting for her father to say her prayers with her when her mother comes in instead and offers to say them with her instead. She says no and her mother gets upset and says that love can't be forced. Anne writes that she was always cold to her mother because her mother said mean things and pushed Anne away from her until there wasn't any love between them.
  • The office gets robbed

    It started as a normal day in the Annexe, but quickly changes. Burglars try to break in through the door, but run. The people in hiding sit still in darkness, waiting for it all to be over. The police rattle the cupboard leading to the door to the Annexe, but no one is found.
  • Anne kisses Peter

    Anne and Peter have spent time together for a while. They sit on the divan together not doing much but being together. They console each other with their problems and stay away from the adults that don't understand them. Then one day, something just happens between them and they kiss.
  • Anne writes a letter to her father

    Anne writes a letter to her father about how she feels and what she's been feeling since July 1942. She talks about how she felt so alone before she started spending her time upstairs with Peter and that he can't stop her from going upstairs to be with him. She also talks about how no one helped her through her bad times and that she is now an independant person.
  • Anne has a talk with her father

    Anne's father spends a long time telling her that the letter made him feel terrible and that he didn't deserve a letter like that. He said it was the meanest letter he had ever gotten. He forgave her and she felt terrible to have sent a letter like that to the man who loved her so much. Anne vowed to improve herself and become a better person.
  • Anne dies

    Anne died of a sickness in the Belsen concentration camp during theHolocaust. She had been there for 6 months and died 2 months before Belsen was liberated. The only survivor that lived in the Secret Annexe was her father, Otto.