• AD 1

    Lost count

    Shit™ happened and people lost count of what day/month/year it was. So, they decided to say 'fuck it' and start over.
  • 176


    Rebecka Wiktoria Crane is born.
  • 197


    Rebecka studies history at [*unnamed equivalent of college*]. Forms friendships with a number of people-- notable: Anadi #(to be) -Lune
  • 202


    Rebecka finishes studies for a job out in the field.
  • 203


    Emma was born
  • 207

    E & R

    Emma was adopted by Rebecka W. Crane and given the full name: Emma Breonna Crane. Rebecka starts working with research in order to move around less and have more time at home.
  • 211

    Al & An

    Twin girls are born; and adopted by Rebecka W. Crane. They are given the names Allison Millicent Crane and Annika Josefine Crane.
  • 214


    Emma's close friend, Daria Knightley, dies after a lifelong battle with illness.
    Her twin sister, Gloriana Knightley, falls into a depression-like state.
    It's not helped by Emma's (repression filled) reaction of aggression and indifference.
  • 215


    Early in the year.
    Emma gets a letter from Gloriana describing how she's hurt her and what she, among with two others, will do to try and fix it.
    The two others are "the other world"s versions of Emma and Glo (Glow). OE is infuriated with RE's way of treating her Glo and has found a way to take her into 'the other world' by mixing the two Glo's into one. Long story short: Emma tries to stop them, shit goes wrong, the Glo's are dead. OE is in a state of shock and it's RE's turn to get depressed.
  • 215

    E & T

    Late in the year. Emma is easily angered and prone to outburst (and breakdowns) but tries to keep it away from her family, especially due to love for her sisters. She spends a lot of time outside and, on a walk in the forest, ends up meeting Teagen; an inquisitive little (human?) creature that looks like a five y/o. At first, they seem like they're going to be an annoyance for Emma, which they are, but also turns out to be a friendly and supportive soul and becomes Emma's dearest friend.
  • 220


    Theodor Elias Crane is born and adopted by R. W Crane.
  • 225


    Allison runs away from home.