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Helen Longino Timeline By Immanuel Loner

  • Born July 13th, 1944

    Helen Longino was born on July 13th, in 1944 and is an American philosopher of science.
  • Bachelors

    Helen had received re bachelors in philosophy from Barnard college in 1966.
  • Masters

    Helen earned her master's in philosophy at Sussex university in 1967.
  • PhD

    Helen receive her PhD from John Hopkins university in 1973. Her research consisted of philosophy of science, social epistemiology, and feminist philosophy.
  • Period: to

    University of California

    Helen found herself teaching philosophy at the university of Phoenix in the years of 1973-1975.
  • Period: to

    Mills college

    Helen also taught at Mills College between the years of 1975-1990.
  • Science as Social Knowledge

    Science as Social Knowledge
    In 1990 helen had published her first book called Science as "Social Knowledge". In her writing she argued on the behalf of social values. Below is a link to an Audio File of the writing if you would have about an hour of your time to listen.
  • The Fate of Knowledge

    The Fate of Knowledge
    Helen published the article The Fate of Knowledge in 2001
  • Period: to

    Administrative Positions

    Helen as well acquired alot of administrative Positions over her time including but not limited to being Vice President, President, and Immediate Past President, Philosophy of Science Association.
  • Studying Human Behavior

    Studying Human Behavior
    In 2013 helen wrote the article Studying Human Behavior, a study of the relationship between logical, epistemological, and social aspects of behavioral research.
  • Honors and Awards

    On October 20th, 2014 Helen had earned doctor honoris causa from Free University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Individuals or populations Video

    In this video you are about to watch will give you insight on studying human behavior as an individual or as a group presented by yours truly Helen Longino, please enjoy.
  • Honors and Awards

    In April of 2016 she had earned fellow at American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
  • The first Vice president

    Helen became the First Vice President of the Division of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology of the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science.
  • Honors and Awards

    On May 13th, 2016 Helen has earned the doctor honoris causa, from the university of Turku School of Economics, in Finland.