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  • A Miracle is Born

    A Miracle is Born
    Helen Adams Keller was born on June 27, 1880. She was not born blind and deaf, as many people believe. Helen was fully capable of sight and hearing.
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    Helen Keller's Lifespan

  • Helen Falls Ill

    Helen Falls Ill
    Sometime in February 1882, Helen was 19 months old and got sick. Even today, doctors can't specifically name her illness. Her doctors called her illness "brain fever." Modern day doctors believe it could have been scarlet fever or meningitis. For many days, Helen was expected to die. But somehow, a few days later, her fever vanished. Helen's family rejoiced at her recovery.
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    Alexander Graham Bell

    Alexander Graham Bell met Helen. He noted that she was very bright and incredibly intelligent. He advised the Perkins school to give the Keller family a teacher for Helen.
  • Anne Sullivan's Arrival

    Anne Sullivan's Arrival
    On March 3, 1887, Anne arrived at the Keller house. She immediately started to teach Helen the manal alphabet in ASL (American Sign Language). Anne spelled out the word "Doll" to signify the present she brought for Helen. Even though Helen could repeat these motions, she didn't quite understand the meaning.
  • An Awakening of Life

    An Awakening of Life
    Anne led her to a water pump on the Keller's property. Anne pumped some water on Helen's hand and finger-spelled
    "W-A-T-E-R" into her hand. Immediately, Helen asked for the name of the pump. "Everything I touched on the way back to the house quivered with life," said Helen in her book "The Story of my Life." On that day, Helen learned over 30 words and finally understood them.
  • "The Frost King"

    "The Frost King"
    Helen sent Michael Anagnos, the director of Perkins school for the blind, a birthday gift of a short story she had written that she called "The Frost King." He was so charmed by the story that he published it in a magazine. He was later told that the story was very similar to the book "The Frost Fairies" by Margaret Canby. Helen didn't recall reading this story. This broke Helen and Anne's friendship with Michael.
  • Arthur H. Keller Dies

    Arthur H. Keller Dies
    Helen's father passed away from a heart attack. Sadly, Helen was only 16 years old when he died.
  • Graduation Day

    Graduation Day
    Helen Keller graduated from Radcliffe College, making her the first deafblind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. Radcliffe College is close to being an Ivy League college.
  • John and Anne Get Married

    John and Anne Get Married
    Sometime in May of 1905, John Macy, the man who edited "The Story of My Life," and Anne Sullivan had strong feelings for each other and were married.
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    "Out of the Dark"

    "Out of the Dark" was published. This book was written after "The Story of My Life."
  • Kate Adams Keller Passes Away

    Kate Adams Keller Passes Away
    Helen's mother died of an unknown illness and of old age. She was tall, blonde, and had blue eyes. Helen was hugely upset at her mother's death.
  • Anne Sullivan's Death

    Anne Sullivan's Death
    Anne's health was hugely diminishing. John Macy, Anne's ex-husband, was extremely devastated by this news, even though their marriage had broken many years ago.
  • World War 2

    World War 2
    World War Two begins.
  • Polly Thompson Died

    Polly Thompson Died
    Polly Thompson, Helen's secratary, had a stroke and died. She was with Helen at her lectures even though Polly's doctor said she should stay off of the road because of a previous stroke.
  • Helen Keller Dies

    Helen Keller Dies
    At Arcan Ridge, Helen Keller died in her sleep of old age.
  • Helen's Cremation

    Helen's Cremation
    Helen Keller's Body was cremated and put next to Anne Sullivan's cremations. There is a plaque that has braille on it. So many people have touched it that, as you can see in the photo, its color has begun to come off. It has been replaced three times.