Helen Keller via Hannah Cantor 9

  • The birth of a legend

    The birth of a legend
    Arthur H. Keller and Katherine Keller welcomed their healthy newborn baby Helen on June 27th, 1880. She was born in Tuscumbia Alabama. She was the oldest of 3 girls.
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    The life of Helen Keller

  • Helen starts to show her illness

    Just 18 months after her birthdate, Helen's family started to realize she was not acting her usual self. She was throwing tantrums and was not able to communicate. They soon figured out she could not see or hear. When she turned 18 months, that was just the start.
  • The Keller's Take Control

    After realizing there is something wrong with their daughters, Arthur and Katherine contact a famous doctor in Baltimore Alexander Graham Bell. They needed someone to turn to, someone to give them answers. He was a huge part in her life.
  • Meeting a forever friend

    Meeting a forever friend
    After discovering Helen's illness, the parents invited Anne Sullivan, a tutor, to come help her. When she came, Helen immediately felt comfortable and was able to work with her. That was just the start of a long journey.
  • Starting to Fight

    Starting to Fight
    In 1890, Helen began speech classes at the Horace Mann school in Boston. She was having a very difficult time speaking. They traveled a long way but it was definitely worth it.
  • Starting To Learn

    Tutor after Tutor, Helen started to learn. She would spell things in her hand and learned to repeat many words at a time thanks to Anne Sullivan. She needed people to understand her better because when they didn't, she got very frusterated.
  • College

    Helen was accepeted into Radcliff College in Cambridge. In 1904, she graduated with honors. It was a big accomplishment for her because she studied hard not just in College but up until that point.
  • First Book

    First Book
    The famous book "The story of my life" was written in 1903 by Helen Keller. She wrote it in college. It was such an accomplishment for her because a few years back she wasn't even able to write or read but she wrote an entire book by herself.
  • Anne Sullivan Finds A Mate

    Anne Sullivan Finds A Mate
    In early 1905, Anne Sullivan meets her soul mate John Macy. John was a professor. After they got married, the welcomed Helen into their home. Helen lived with them until they got divorced.
  • A Movie Star

    A Movie Star
    In 1918, Helen keller was asked to star in a silent movie about herself. It was called "The Miracle Worker" in honor of her. It was nice because it was a silent movie so it was easy for her to star in.
  • Founding Historical Places

    In 1920, Helen co-founded the American Civil Liberties Union. This let her travel around the world and gave her amazing chances in life. This inspired her to co-found many more.
  • Organizations

    In 1924, Helen joined an organization called "Champion Of The Blind". She had a lot of interest in helping blind people because she can see what they are going through. That was just one of many things she joined or founded in her life,
  • Losing a Companion

    The most impactive person in Helen's life, died on October 20th, 1936. In 1932 Anne Sullivan lost her eyesight completely and just went very down hill from there. She died from old age in Alabama. Theperson most affected by her loss was Helen Keller because Anne was the reason she was able to live her life normally.
  • Welcoming Somebody New

    Soon after Anne Sullivan died, Helen realized she needed a new caregiver. She hired Polly Thompson her secretary since 1914. Polly already knew helen very well so it worked out great. Helen wasn't going to let Anne's death stop her from conquering the world,
  • The End of an Amazing Journey

    The End of an Amazing Journey
    After many hard, but amazing years, Helen Keller finally laid to rest on June 1st 1968. She died in her sleep in her house. It was right before her 88th birthday. Helen Keller inspired so many because she never gave up and fought a hard war.
  • Helen Keller International

    Helen Keller International
    Wanting to get involved, Helen Keller founded "Helen Keller International along with her co founder Geroge Kassler. The organization’s goa is to save the sight of the people that need it. It was such an important thing in a lot of people's lives.