West.Helen Keller

  • Helen was born

    Helen was born
    Helen Keller was the first child of Kate and Captian Aurthor Keller. Helen was not physicaly challenged when she was born. In Tuscumbia, Alabama Helen was born to her parents and was a happy little girl and full of energy. Helen's mom had said that at the age of one little Helen was at the age of on she was almost running.Helen was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama on a estate called, Ivy Green.
  • The Big, Bad Life Changing Challenge

    Helen was just 19 months when she caught a fatal disease and the Kellers' were devastated whe they found out about the disease.But when Helen recovered they were overjoyed
  • found Anne

    found Anne
    After Helen found she was blind and deaf and began losing voice, needed to find teacher to teach hand movment language and the other education. Anne Sulavan was the answer. Anne toyght Helen the hand movements and how to "talk" with the language of hand movments.
  • The One And Only

    The One And Only
    The Kellers' found Anne Sullavan
  • Dear Old Alexander

    Dear Old Alexander
    Alexander Graham Bell was a supporting friend and was the one who encouraged Helen that she would find love He had said to her "do not thinkthat because you can not see or hear that yo are debarred from the supreme happiness of a woman" after he said that she said "I can't Imagine a man wantng to marrying me i should think it would be like marrying a statue"
  • Period: to

    Met The Big Boys

    Helen met five presidents of the united states through out her life.In May 1888 she met Grover Cleavland. She also met, Herbert Hoover, Dwight Eisenhower, Calvin Coolide, and John F. Kennedy.
  • Period: to

    Mary Pickford

    Mary Pickford was born in 1892. She was a big silent movie star.Mary was often reffered to as "American's Sweetheart", "The girl with Curls" or even, "Little Mary".
  • Helen's Radcliffe Honors

    Helen's Radcliffe Honors
    Helen sent in application to Radcliffe college and finaly got in and made honors in latin, Helen also got two scolarships to Cornell and Chicago Universery, But declined both, Because she wanted to say that she got ino a college that at first didn't want to have her there.
  • Period: to

    Douglas Fairbanks

    Douglas Fairbanks was known as "The king of Hollywood"
  • Peter

    When Heken was only 29 she got engaged to peter Fagan and he was only 35
  • Period: to

    Reelection Of Roosevelt

    President Franklin D. Roosevelt was reelected in offic eagain after his first EIght years in office.
  • Period: to

    End Of World War Two

    It Was the end world war two and Helen herself got to visit wounded soldiers. World war two was a devastating War between so many countries and so many people died in that bloody war.
  • Helen sleeps forever

    Helen died peacfuly and quietly in her sleep. Helen had a full life even if she was blind, deaf and mute.