Helen keller kid

Helen Keller

By Mesa5
  • Helen Keller was born

    Helen Keller was born on her fathers plantation in Tuscumbia in northwest Alabama.
  • Period: to

    Life of Hllen Keller

  • Helen was able to say

    By December, 1880 little Helen could say tea and hello.
  • Helen Keller becomes ill

    19 month old Helen Keller becomes gravly ill.
  • Deaf and blind

    Helen becomes deaf and blind.
  • They tried everything

    They tried everything
    trough the next six years Helen Kellers parents did everything they could for their daughter.
  • Helen Keller created her own

    Helen Keller created her own kind of sign language. For example, to ask for bread, she would imitate spreading butter on bread.
  • Invited Annie

    Alexander Graham Bell invited Annie Sullivan to teach Helen Keller. She said yes.
  • Alexander Graham Bell

    Alexander Graham Bell
    The Keller family met Alexander Graham Bell and suggested that they hire Annie Sullivan, who was half blind herself. The Keller family aggreed.
  • Annie Sullivan arrives

    Annie Sullivan arrives at the Kellers plantaton.
  • Helen learns how to

    Helen learns how to
    Helen discovered how to use sign language. The first word she "finger spelled" was water for she was at the pump when she spelled water
  • Perkins

    Helen soon wanted to go see Perkins Institute for the Blind because she knew Annie wrote to her friends there.
  • Surgery

    Annie had to have another operation on her eyes.
  • needed to go to school

    when Annie came back from her sugery it was oblivious that Helen needed to go to school so Annie took her to Perkins Institute for the blind.
  • Frost King

    Helen accidentaly wrote a book on a fictoinal character called The Frost King that was a book writen by another person that someone read to her.
  • Niagra Falls

    Alexander Graham Bell took Annie and Helen on an all-expense paid tripto Niagra Falls.
  • Write-Humasn

    Fourteen-year old Helen Keller attended egularschooling at the Write-Humason school, but she only attended for about 8 months.
  • Mr.Keller died

    Helen Kellers father Arthur Keller died.
  • Cambridge

    Helen Keller and her little sister Mildred attended the Cambride school for ladies.
  • Separated

    A cruel man separated Helen Keller from her teacher Annie Sullivan but her mother soon heard of this and took both Helen and her little sister Mildred out of Cambridge.
  • Failing

    Helen Kellers relationhip between Annie was failing because of Annies temper but they were still friends.But, soon after, the two friends relationship healed.
  • Reinquainted

    Helen Keller and her teacher Annie were immidiatly reinquainted with each other.
  • Radcliff college

    Radcliff college
    Helen Keller entered Radcliff college as a freshmen.
  • John Macy

    John Macy
    John Macy helped Helen Keller with a book about her life.
  • She graduated

    She graduated
    Helen Keller graduated with a BA and honors.
  • Annie + John Macy

    Annie Sullivan and John Macy married.
  • The World I Live in

    Helen Keller published "The World I Live in" which described how Helen used her sense of touch, taste, and smell.
  • Speaking

    Mr. White taught Helen Keller how to speak and sometimes what she said was clear.
  • New eyes

    New eyes
    Helen Keller got glass eyes that were s realilistic that some peple thought they were real.
  • Poverty

    After Macy left, Helen, Annie, and their new companion Pollie became neck-deep in poverty.
  • New love

    New love
    Helen Keller met Pete Fagan who proposed, but her mther disliked this man and mde sure that her daughter didn't marry him.
  • Stars again

    Stars again
    Helen Keller starred in a movie and was a big hit but the movie cost too much and Helen Keller got no money.
  • Circus

    Helen got an offer to have an act in the circus with Annie about how Annie taught Helen how to finger-spell.
  • No mother

    Kate Keller, Helen Kellers mother.
  • For the blind

    A man named Robert Irwin hired Helen Keller to raise money for the blind.
  • Losing teacher

    70-year old Annie Sulivan died.
  • Fire

    A fire destroyed Pollt and Helens house in Arcan Ridge.
  • Stars

    Filmmaker Nancy Hamilton and actress Kathrine Cornell released Helens film biography about Helen Keller and her story which won an oscar award.
  • Rewritten

    Helen Keller rewrote a book of notes betweenHelen Keller and Annie Sullivan. She rewrote it because the original copy burned in the fire.
  • Polly died

    Seventy-six year old Polly died after having a series of strokes.
  • The new nurse

    Helen found a new nurse. Her name was Winifred (Winnie) Corbally.
  • She died

    She died
    Helen Keller died at the age of 88 of a heart attack. She died in her sleep.