Helen Keller

  • Hellen Keller is born

    Helen Keller is born to Captain Arthur Henley Keller and Kate Adams Keller at Ivy Green in Tuscumbia, Alabama.
  • Helen is struck by illness

    After being struck by illness, Helen loses both her sight and hearing. No definitive diagnosis of the disease is ever determined. (exact date in february is unknown)
  • Helen gets a teacher

    Helen gets a teacher
    (This event took place over the summer if 1886.) The Keller family meets with Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, who recommends contacting Michael Anagnos, director of Perkins Institution for the Blind in Boston. Captain Keller writes to Anagnos, requesting a teacher for Helen. Anagnos contacts his star pupil and valedictorian, Anne Mansfield Sullivan.
  • Helen is being taught sign language

    Anne Sullivan arrives in Tuscumbia and begins teaching Helen manual sign language.
  • "Miracle breakthrough"

    Anne makes the “miracle” breakthrough, teaching Helen that “everything had a name,” by spelling W-A-T-E-R into Helen’s hand as water from the family’s water pump flows over their hands.
  • The Kellers meet lots of people

    (The exact date in may is unknown) Anne, Helen, and Kate Keller travel north, visiting Alexander Graham Bell, and meeting President Grover Cleveland at the White House, and visiting Aganos at Perkins Institution.
  • Helen is enrolled in school

    (tThis event took place in the fall. No exact date was recorded) Anne and Helen return to Perkins, where Helen is considered a “guest” of the school
  • Helen is accused of plagiarism.

    (No exact date in Nov. was reorded.) Helen sends Anagnos the story “The Frost King” as a birthday present. She is accused of plagiarism. By 1894, Anagnos had broken off his relationship with Helen and Anne.
  • Helen and Anne travel to New York City.

    (The exact date in October is unknown) Helen and Anne travel to New York City, where Helen attends the Wright-Humason School for the Deaf.
  • A death in the family

    Helen’s father, Captain Keller, dies.
  • "The Story of my Life"

    (This event took place in march) With the help of editor John Albert Macy, Helen writes The Story of My Life.
  • Making history

    Helen becomes the first deaf-blind individual to receive a bachelor of arts degree, graduating cum laude from Radcliffe.
  • A movie is made

    Deliverance, a silent film based on Helen’s life, is produced.
  • Another death in the family

    Helens mother dies. (the exact date of the death was not recorded)
  • The teacher dies

    Helens teacher, Anne Sullivan Macy, dies.
  • Helen moves

    (the exact date of this event was not recorded) Helen sells her home in Forest Hills, and the household moves to Arcan Ridge in Westport, Connecticut.
  • Fire

    (the exact date of this event was not recorded) A fire destroys Arcan Ridge, along with almost all of the household’s possessions.
  • Biography

    (this event took place in th winter) A documentary film of Helen’s life, The Unconquered (later renamed Helen Keller in Her Story), is released.
  • Stroke

    (the exact date was not recorded) Helen suffers her first stroke and retires from public life.
  • The death of Helen

    Helen Keller passes away in her sleep. Over 1,200 mourners attend the funeral at the National Cathedral.