The Story of Helen Keller

  • Helen's Birth

    Helen was born like a regular girl. It was when she was 19 months that she could not hear or see.
  • Helen Turns Blind and Deaf

    Helen had some sickness that made her lind and deaf. She was only 19 months old.
  • The Stranger, Known as Teacher, Comes to Helen's House

    Helen starts out not liking The Stranger at all. Later, Helen gets use to The Straenger and then knows her as Teacher.
  • Helen Learns to Speak wth her Hands

    Helen's first words with her hands was water. She then learned to speak many other words with her hands after that.
  • Helen's First Letter

    Teacher is writintg a letter and Helen is bothering her. Teacher has Helen write her own letter while she's writing too.
  • Helen Learns Brail

    Teacher teaches Helen another way of writing. That other way is brail. Helen learns to read and to write in Brail.
  • Helen Goes to the Circus

    Helen is all excited to go to the circus. Even though she cannot see nor here the animals, clowns, or tight rope walkers, she still has the time of her life. That is also where she becomes famous.
  • Helen's First Sleigh Ride

    Helen had her very first sleigh ride with some friends she made. She had so much fun she wanted to do it again.
  • Helen Learns to Speak

    Teacher gets another teacher for Helen to teach Helen ho to speak. After a while, Helen learns to speak but not that clear.
  • Helen's Dog Dies

    Helen's dog, Lionees, dies. He died because a policeman saw him playing around with some horses and shot him. People heard about the sad news and sent Helen money, sent Helen letters, and offered to buy another dog.
  • Helen Decides Which College She Wants to go to.

    Helen wants to at first go to Hardvard but she finds out only boys can go there. Teacher tells her that there's a girl college right beside Hardvard and Helen says, "Ok, when I get older I'll go to that college."
  • Helen Starts College

    Helen is starting college at Radcliff College.
  • Helen Graduates

    Helen gradutes from her college. She graduated from Radcliffe College.
  • Helen gets a House and Lives with Teacher

    Helen goes to her and teacher's house right after the graduation. Helen goes to her back pond and goes conoeing.
  • Helen's Mother and Sister's House Burns Down

    Helen's mother and sister's house burns down in the middle of the night one day. It's unknown how it started but Helen thinks it started under her bed.
  • Polly Comes and Lives with Helen and Teacher

    Helen and Teacher didn't want to go on trips alone by themselves. They searched around everywhere until one of their frineds told them about Polly. Pollycame to just "visit" them but she stayed with them for over 40 years.
  • Helen Speaks at a Vaudeville Show

    Helen starts speaking on stage to people at t\e beginning of the Vaudeville Show in New York. One of the poeple who hired her didn't think people would come to the show becaue the couldn't undrstnd her and had to have Teache repeat what she said. The other person believed in her and that she could do it.
  • Helen got a New Job

    Helen's new job was at American Foundation for the Blind. She started that job after the four years of speaking at the shows.
  • Helen's House Burns Down

    Helen's house in Westport, Connecticut burns down. All of their items that were in the house burnt down. Part of Teacher's Tree burnt on one side but it still lived and grew. Also, there was an autobiography that Teacher was writing but it burnt down witht the house. Helen restarted the book so that it would get finished.
  • Helen Helps Blind Soilders

    Helen decides to help soilders who have become blind and have lost hope. They have lost hope about themselves but then they think of how Helen made it through life being blind and deaf.
  • Helen Died

    Helen died in Easton on Sunday 1:34 pm. People say she died frokm natural cause like illness.