My Secret Sister

  • Helen and Jenny were born.

    Jenny Lucas and Helen Edwards were born on Tyneside in December 1948. Jenny was given up for adoption with a loving family.
  • Jenny's Father Dies

    Jenny was 12 when her father became very ill and passed away shortly after. This hit Jenny hard because her and her father were very close.
  • The Stairs Incident

    Helen and her mother were thrown down the stairs by Tommy. Helen is unsure of what took place to aggravate him, but recalls her mother accusing him of something. Helen later on had back problems that were believed to be connected to this incident.
  • Jenny is informed of her adoption

    At the age of fourteen, Jenny is informed she is adopted for the first time. Her mother had never planned on telling her and refused to answer any questions on the subject.
  • Helen and her family move

    When Helen was fifteen she was forced to leave all her friends, family and boyfriend to live in South Africa. Helen didn't want to leave, but her father wasn't going to give up this opportunity. Tommy promised her that in a year her boyfriend Simon could move in with them, after he finished his mechanic's apprenticeship.
  • Tommy dies

    Helen's father Tommy passes away.
  • Helen starts a family

    Helen gave birth to her first child. She named her baby boy Scott. Mercia, Helen's mother overstepped her role while Helen was trying to raise her son Scott.
  • Helen's second child

    In May 1973 Helen gave birth to her daughter, Donna.
  • Jenny starts playing golf as a professional

    Jenny had played golf ever since she was young, it's something her father had taught her to do.At the age of thirty she became a very successful professional golfer.
  • Jenny starts her family

    On Christmas Eve 1989 Jenny gave birth to her first born, Katie.
  • Jenny's secondborn

    When Jenny was 43 she gave birth to her son, Ben.
  • Jenny's Wedding

    Jenny was married to Sam on a sunny morning in April. It was a very small wedding of two guests. Jenny called her mom on the phone after to tell her the news.
  • George Dies

    Helen's half-brother passed away. This broke her heart as they were very close because of their childhood. George always looked out for Helen.
  • Jenny adopts a son

    Sam went to Bravsow, Romania for charity work and brought his wife Jenny along. They ran into a doctor that was desperate to find a home for this baby that'd been abandoned at the hospital and was only a few days old. They knew it wouldn't be easy to get him back to England so they had the birth mother fly him to England. They adopted him so he wouldn't be seen as an illegal immigrant. They kept the name his birth mother had given him, Josh and never hid the fact he was adopted from him.
  • Jenny finds her birth mother

    Jenny meets Mercia in person for the first time in her life. Their visit is rushed though as Mercia was worried her daughter Helen would return home. She didn't know any of the family secrets yet, and Mercia never wanted Helen to find out.
  • Mercia Dies

    Helen's mother and Jenny's biological mother.
  • Helen and Jenny meet

    After over fifty years they finally meet each other for the first time.