Helen keller

Helen Keller

  • Helen Keller's Birth

    Helen Keller was born to Arthur H Keller and Katherine Adams Keller.
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    Helen Keller's Life

  • Helen Keller Speaks

    At only 6 months old, Helen Keller began speaking.
  • Helen Keller Becomes Sick

    Helen Keller fell ill and was struck (Brain Fever) blind, deaf, and mute.
  • Helen Keller Begins Speech Classes

    Helen Keller began speech classes at Horace Man School of the Deaf in Boston.
  • Helen Keller Graduates College

    Helen Keller Graduates College
    Helen Keller graduated, cum laude, from Radcliff College at the age of 24.
  • Helen Keller International

    Helen Keller International
    Helen Keller co0founded Helen Keller International to combat the causes and consequences of blindness and malnutrition.
  • Helen Keller- American Civil Liberties Union

    Helen Keller helped found the Americn Civil Liberities Union (ACLU).
  • Helen Keller-American Federation for the Blind

    In 1924, Helen Keller became a member of the American Federation for the Blind and participated in many campaigns to raise awareness, money and support for the blind.
  • Keller- Theodore Roosevelt Distinguished Service

    In 1936, Helen Keller received the Theodore Roosevelt Distinguished Service Medal.
  • Helen Keller's Companion

    Helen Keller's Companion
    On October 20, 1936, Anne Sullivan died. She had been at Helen Keller's side for the majority of her life.
  • Helen Keller Travels the World

    In 1946 Keller was appointed counselor of international relations for the American Foundation of Overseas Blind. Between 1946 and 1957, she traveled to 35 countries on five continents.
  • Helen Keller Travels 40,000 Miles

    At age 75 Keller traveled on a 40,000 mile, five-month trek across Asia. She delivered inspiration and encouragement to millions of people through her many speeches and appearances.
  • Keller- Presidential Medal of Freedom

    In 1964, Helen Keller received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. This was one of the many honors in recognition she received.
  • Helen Keller- Hall of Fame

    Helen Keller- Hall of Fame
    In 1965 Helen Keller was elected into thte Women's Hall of Fame.
    She also received honorary doctoral degrees from Temple University and Harvard Univerity and from the universities of Glasgow, Scotland; Berlin, Germany; Delhi, India; and Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Helen Keller Passes Away

    Helen Keller Passes Away
    Helen Keller died in her sleep on June 1, 1968, just a few weeks before her 88th birthday. She lived a life of determination, hard work, and imagination. She overcame the most difficult adversity and used her "silent" voice to help millions.