Helen Keller

  • Helen was born

    Helen was Born on the 27th of June 1880. She was born at 4:02 P.M. in Tuscumbia, Alabama.
  • Period: to

    Helen Keller's Life

  • Helen Became Blind and Deaf

  • Helen learned to communicate with people

  • Helen goes to college

    Nobody knows the exact date that Helen Keller went off to college for the first time ever.
  • Helen Keller writes THE STORY OF MY LIFE

    Nobody knows the exact date that this auto biography was published.
  • Helen graduates college

    Nobody knows the exact date that Helen Keller graduated college.. Her classmates wrote a poem next to her name in the yearbook saying this:
    Beside her task our efforts pale,
    She never knew the world for fail;
    Beside her triumphs ours are naught,
    For hers were far more dearly bought.
  • Matilda Zeigler Magazine is established.

    This magazine was a monthly magazine in braille for the blind to read.
  • Helen's book THE WORLD I LIVE IN is published.

  • Helen Speaks in Public

    Helen Went to the Hillside School In Montclair, New Jersey. She spoke about "The Hear and the Hand; or, The Right Use of the Senses."
  • Anne Sullivan's Assistant is Hired

    Polly Thompson had never had any training with the blind or the deaf, or the blind-deaf, but managed to help Heln Keller so very much.
  • Helen's Life Story in a Movie comes out.

    Deliverance came out on August 18th 1919 in a New York theatre called Lyric Theatre.
  • Helen Performs on Stage

    Helen Performs on Stage in a small act in Mount Vernon. She played for a week before moving on.
  • Helen's Mother dies

  • Helen's book MY RELIGION is published

  • Helen Keller sailed on the PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT

    She sailed with Anne Sullivan Macy, and Polly Thompson.
  • Helen sails for England

  • Anne Sullivan Macy dies

  • Hele Keller goes to a tea in her honor at IHB (International house for the blind)

  • Polly Thompson dies

  • Hellen Keller dies