Helen keller

Hellen Keller

  • Helen Adam Keller is born

    Helen Adam Keller is born
    This is when she was born
  • Helen becomes ill

    19 month old Helen became ill
  • Annie comes for the first time

    Annie comes for the first time
    Helen's teacher, Annie Sullivan, comes to Helen's home in Alabama for her first time.
  • Six hundred words

    Helen's finger spelling vocabulary increases to more then 600 words.
  • Communicating freely with others

    First time Helen communicates freely with other kids her age for the first time.
  • Time for school

    Time for school
    Annie tells Helen its time for her to start going to school at Perkins. Laura Bridgeman also lived and was a former student there and Helen met her.
  • Helen transfers to the Wright-Humason School

  • Helen changes Schools

    Helen changes Schools
    Helen switches schools to Cambridge School for Young Ladies.
  • Captain Keller dies

    Captain Keller dies
    Helen was going to come home for her fathers funeral but her mother told her not to come.
  • Helen enters college

    Helen enters college
    Helen enters Radcliffe College as a freshman.
  • Book published

    Helens new book,The Story of My Life, gets published.
  • Buying a house

    Helen and Annie buy a house for Helen's early graduation present.
  • Helen gradutes from Radcliffe

    Helen gradutes from Radcliffe
  • Marriage

    Annie marries John Macy and Helen moves in with them.
  • Book published

    Helens book, The World I Live In, gets published with Mr.Macy's help.
  • Helen quietly joined the Socialist Party

  • Helen's eyes get replaced with glass ones

  • Helen made her first public speech.

  • book published

    OUT OF THE DARK gets published
  • John Macy leaves alone for Europe

  • New staff and death

    New staff and death
    Polly thompson joins the staff and John Macy dies
  • War ends

    War ends
    War resoulution gets signed by Pesident Woodrow Wilson.
  • Filming a Movie

    Helen, Annie and Polly arrive in California in spring of 1918 to film Deliverance.
  • Women vote

    Women vote
    Congress lets women vote.
  • Helen's mother dies

    Helen's mother dies
    Kate Adams Keller dies while Helen is in Los Angeles.
  • Annie Macy Sullivan dies

    Annie Macy Sullivan dies
    Seventy year old Annie dies with 56 year old Helen sitting beside her holding her hand. Annie went into a coma before she died.
  • Book published

    Helen published Teacher, a boigraphy of Annie Macy Sullivan.
  • Polly Thompson died

    Polly Thompson died
    Polly had a serires of strokes which then leaded to death. Polly collasped and then Helen hovered over 76 yr old Pollys side until help arrived.
  • Helen Keller dies

    Helen Keller dies
    Hellen died at Arcan Ridge a few days after a heart attack, she had never feared death