Helen keller

Helen Keller

By Mesa5
  • Born

    Helen Keller was born June 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia. A village in North West Alabama.
  • Sudden Darkness

    Sudden Darkness
    Helen Suddenly became very ill. After a few days the illness went away as soon as it had came. Helen's parents were so releived untill Helen stopped responding to her name and never closed her eyes. That is when they realized their doughter was both blind and deaf.
  • First teacher

    First teacher
    Helen got her first teacher. Her first teachers name was Alexander Graham Bell. He was also the man who invented the tellephone.
  • New Teacher

    New Teacher
    After the resent death of helens first teacher (AAlexander Graham Bell) Helen got a new teacher named Anne Sullivan.
  • Words

    Helen now has learned more than 400 words!
  • Braille

    Helen Keller learned to read and write in Braille at the Perkins Institution and learned to speak at the Horace Mann School for the Deaf.
  • Entering College

    Entering College
    Helen enrolled as a regular student in Radcliffe College with the help of Anne Sullivan.
  • "The Story of My Life"

    "The Story of My Life"
    Helen wrote things about her life for a magazine which people found so very interesting. One day in college Helen posted something in the magazine which was reconized. They thought that that was a very good piece so in 1903 they published it into a book called "The Story of My Life".
  • Graduates from Radcliffe College

    Graduates from Radcliffe College
    Helen became the first blind and deaf person to graduate from Radcliffe College.
  • Inproving education for the deaf blind and mute

    Helen conducted many tours and lectures in United States of America. She worked for improving education for the deaf, blind and mute.
  • President Calvin Coolidge

    President Calvin Coolidge
    Helen met President Calvin Coolidge.
  • Book

    Her popular book, My Religion was published. Her other book Midstream: My Later Life at 49 was published in 1929.
  • Award

    Helen Keller achieved an Oscar Award for the documentary movie made on her life. Her book Teacher-Anne Sullivan was published in the same year.
  • Visiting

    Helen visited 35 countries for the improvement in education of the handicapped people. The government started the schools for deaf and blind.
  • President Eisenhower

    President Eisenhower
    She met President Eisenhower who became the first non-blind person to use the talking books during his recovery from heart attack.
  • President John F. Kennedy

    President John F. Kennedy
    Helen met President John F. Kennedy, the 10th.
  • Death

    Helen suffered a heart atack. later she died , at age 88. Her ashes were taken to the National Cathedral in Whashington.
  • Honor

    In 1994 Helen received a special tribute. Presedent Lydon Johnson awarded her the Presedential Medal of Freedom. The medal is the nation's highest honer.
  • Success!

    in 1996 "The story of my life" Became a remarkable success and was named one of the most important books of the twentieth century by the New York TImes Public Library.