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  • Baby Helen

    Baby Helen
    Helen Adams Keller was born on June 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Her parents were Arthur and Kate Keller; she was the first of three other children.
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    The Life Of Helen Keller

  • The Struggle Begins

    The Struggle Begins
    For the first 19 months of Helen's life, she was a happy and healthy child, but on December 1, 1881 she came down with a very high fever known a scarlet fever. Once the fever was gone and she was all better, she was left blind and deaf.
  • The Miracle Worker

    The Miracle Worker
    On the spring day of March 3, 1887, Anne Sullivan, was contacted by Alexander Grand Bell and was told to come to the Keller's house to help Helen and her parents understand how she will communicate with the world. Anne changed Helen's world forever.
  • A New Concept Of Life

    A New Concept Of Life
    On May 20, 1887 Anne Sullivan taught Helen her first word, "water". Anne has taught Helen to finger spell. Finger spelling is when Anne will spell words into Helen's hand and she now knows how to understand people and the things around her. Anne also taught Helen how to read books with raised text.
  • The Dream Of College

    The Dream Of College
    Helen has always dreamed of going to college, but not just any college, she had her mind set on Radcliffe. Radcliffe was one of the toughest schools for people to get into. Helen studied so hard and went to other schools that would help improve her speech. On June 1, 1899 Helen was accepted in Radcliffe and graduated with honors on June 28, 1904. The President met up with Helen and asked why she wanted to go to Radcliffe and she said "Because they didn't want me at Radcliffe".
  • "The Story of My Life"

    "The Story of My Life"
    Helen was becoming more and more famous throughout the world. She was asked by newspaper writers if she would write articles; once she sent them in, they were turned into a book called "The Story of My Life". It is even sold in stores today.
  • Traveling Begins!

    Helen, Anne and their new assistant, Polly, began traveling around the world speaking to people and trying to inspire them. Also, a movie was created about her.
  • Bye Mom

    Bye Mom
    On June 15, 1921, Kate Keller died of old age. Helen was heartbroken but overcame it and kept trying to help people who are blind and deaf.
  • Losing Her Best Friend

    Losing Her Best Friend
    On October 23, 1936, Anne Sullivan died. She was sick for a while and eventually she passed away. Helen and Polly continued traveling throughout the world.
  • Talking With the President

    Talking With the President
    On March 17, 1941 President Franklin Delano asked to speak with Helen. When they talked, he asked her to go overseas and speak with some of the injured soldiers. She agreed and Polly and her left.
  • Important People Helen Met

    Important People Helen Met
    Throughout Helens travels, she met very important people. For example, she met Winston Churchill, Jawaharlal Nehru, and the Prime Minister of India!
  • Polly

    After many years of traveling with Helen and Annie, Polly died. Polly had a stroke which caused a blood clot and caused her to pass. Helen stopped traveling after that.
  • Great Accomplishments

    Great Accomplishments
    Throughout all of these years, Helen has had a huge impact on the world and what they believe. They have visited schools and hospitals in 35 different countries.
  • Outstanding Award!

    Outstanding Award!
    In 1964, Helen Keller had a stroke and fully retired from traveling. Even though her traveling days are over, all of her hard work paid off and she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Lyndon Johnson.
  • A Hopeful Life

    A Hopeful Life
    On June 1, 1968, Helen Adams Keller died. She spent her last days reading and writing. Even though Helen was blind and deaf, she proved to the world, if you set your mind to something you will achieve it.