Helen Keller

  • Birth

    Helen Keller was born on June 27, 1880. Helen grew up on a farm in the country in Tuscumbia Alabama with her Mother and Father and baby sister. Helen was an only child for a couple of years until her mother gave birth to another baby girl.
  • The challenge

    The challenge
    At The age of 6, Helen developed a terrible fever, leading her on later to being blind. At first, Helen assured her parents that she would be okay, she was just in need of a little rest. A few days later Helen awoke to find herself completely concealed from the physical world around her.
  • The damage that was done

    The damage that was done
    At the age of seven Helen became permanently mute and def as a side effect of her blindness due to her fever a year ago. Helen was immediately isolated from the physical world around her. Although her verbal and visual functions were damaged, her mind remained clear and active.
  • Anne Sullivan

    Anne Sullivan
    A few months later in the year 1887, Anne Sullivan was hired to teach Helen on April 5. Anne taught Helen the concept of Braille, which she mastered several months later. After learning her first concept of communication, Helen was later taught the manual alphabet so that not only could she -communicate with her teacher Anne, she would be able to communicate with her family and other loved ones.
  • Alice Sanger

    Alice Sanger
    On January 2,1890 Alice Sanger became the 1st white house staffer in history. Alice wrote her P.H.D in the early sixteen and seventeenth century. She currently lives in London England.
  • Franz Lachner

    Franz Lachner
    Janurary 20th franz lachner died, he was born in Rain Am Lech and was a German composer who touched the lifes of many. His death was unexpected and shocking to the media.
  • Karl Merz

    Karl Merz
    In the year 1890, Brainards musical world editor " Karl Merz" died. Merz taught his own music school in Cleveland,Ohio.He was known all over the world so his death was stunning.
  • Thee Helen Keller

    Thee Helen Keller
    In the year 1903, Helen published her own book called “the story of my life.” Later on in her humanitarian career, Helen published a second book called “The World I live in”. Her achievement immediately hit the media and she went from " Helen Keller" to " Helen Keller, the face of the 1900's"
  • Oh my gosh! It's Helen Keller!

    Oh my gosh! It's Helen Keller!
    In the year 1913 Helen became a popular lecturer. Immediately after publishing her 3rd book, Helen was able to go on tour with her teacher Anne which was an instant success. Later on Helen won an award as best lecturer.
  • The visition

    The visition
    in the years 1943-1946 Helen visited soldiers who were wounded in world war two. She made an appearance at the hospital for the soldiers who were not in the condition to leave. Helen inspired those who were injured and gave them the assurance that they will be fine and that anything is possible.
  • The last sight

    The last sight
    In 1961 Keller suffered from a stroke and retired from the Public Life. Her former teacher, Anne Sullivan recommended that Helen retire for good. And as Anne suggested, Helen was done.
  • Death

    Helen Keller died in Eastport, Connecticut on June 1,1968. Her death was tragic and astonishing to the public. She once was and will always remain “Helen Keller”.