Helen Keller

  • Birth of Helen Keller

    Birth of Helen Keller
    In Tuscunbis, Alabama, Helen Keller was born to Arther H. Keller and Kate Adams neither deaf nor blind.
  • Illness

    At 18 months old, Helen Keller got sick with an illness, which her doctors called "brain fever", and resulted in being blind and deaf.Her parents found out when she couldn't hear the doorbell or see their waving hands.
  • Learning How to Communicate

    Learning How to Communicate
    A few years later, when Helen was at the age of six or seven, Ann Sullivan came to help her learn about her surroundings and how to communicate with others, starting with the word "water".
  • Speech Classes

    Speech Classes
    In Boston, Keller attended the Horace Mann School for the Deaf to learn to speak for others to understand her.
  • Attending School for Deaf

    Attending School for Deaf
    Helen Keller began to attend the Wright-Humason School for the Deaf in New York City until 1896.
  • Cambridge School for Young Ladies

    Cambridge School for Young Ladies
    Helen Keller attended Cambridge School for Young Ladies, a prepatory school for women.
  • College

    Anne Sullivan helped Helen Keller enroll in Radcliffe College as a regular student.
  • The Story of My Life

    The Story of My Life
    Helen Keller published her first book, an autobiography called The Story of My Life, that she wrote with the help of Sullivan and John Macy.
  • Graduation

    At the age of 24, Keller was graduated "cum laude" from Radcliffe College and had mastered five languages.
  • The World I Live In

    The World I Live In
    Helen Keller's book, The World I Live In, was published.
  • Out of the Dark

    Out of the Dark
    Keller's book, Out of the Dark, about her socialist views was published in 1913.
  • Helen Keller International

    Helen Keller International
    With the help of Gorge Kessler, Helen co-founded the Helen Keller International to combat the consequesnces and causes of blindness.
  • ACLU

    In 1920, Helen Keller help found the ACLU, which is short for American Civil Liberties Union.
  • American Federation for the Blind

    American Federation for the Blind
    To help the blind, she became a member and did many campaigns to help raise money, awarness, and support.
  • Midstream: My Later Life at 49

    Midstream: My Later Life at 49
    Her book, Midstream: My Later Life at 49, was published.
  • Keller's Eyesight

    Keller's Eyesight
    After facing health problems for several years, Helen Keller, already blind, began losing more and more of her eyesight until it was completely gone in 1932.
  • Vibrations of Music

    Vibrations of Music
    In order to listen to the music of the Opera House in New York that she attended, she had to experience the music through the vibrations.
  • American Foundation of Overseas Blind

    American Foundation of Overseas Blind
    Helen Keller was appointed counseler on international relations.
  • Traveling in Asia

    Traveling in Asia
    At the age on 75, Helen Keller went on a five month trek that was 40,000 miles across Asia. It was the most grueling and longest trip she had ever been on.
  • Harvard University

    Harvard University
    Keller became the first women to receive an honorary degree from Harvard University.
  • Sicknesses

    At around the age of 81, Helen Keller began suffering a series of strokes, which made her spend her last few years of her life in her house in Connecticut.
  • The Sad Ending

    The Sad Ending
    On June 1 1968, just a few week before her birthday, Helen Keller died in her sleep at age 88 in Westport, Connecticut.