By winka
  • Simon GENIAC

    Simon GENIAC
    BINGO! Edmund Berkeley first described Simon in his 1949 book, "Giant Brains, or Machines That Think" and went on to publish plans to build Simon in a series of Radio Electronics issues in 1950 and 1951.
    Simon touched such pioneering computer scientists as Ivan Sutherland, who went on to influence development of interactive graphical personal computers.
  • Minivac 601

    Minivac 601
    Very close, but no. Like some of the earliest computers, the Minivac was relay based, but unlike the early room-filling monsters, the Minivac had only six relays and was easily afforded by almost anybody interested in computers.
  • Intel SIM4

    Intel SIM4
    The Intel MCS-4-based SIM4 (1972) was the first microcomputer, but not the first personal computer.

    No, but the Scelbi-8H (1973) was another microcomputer that preceded the Altair. Like the Altair, it was available from the manufacturer both as a kit and as a pre-assembled computer.
    The machine was designed by Nat Wadsworth.
  • IBM PC

    IBM PC
    Bzzzt! The IBM PC was introduced in 1981. It was perhaps the first to wear the "PC" label, but that was IBM's only innovation. They sure sold a bunch of them, though.

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