Harriet Tubman

Timeline created by danielsj00
  • Childhood

    Araminta Ross also known as (Harriet Tubman) was born in Maryland in the year of 1820. Your probably wondering why i didn't include the day and month that she was born on and this is because Harriet was a slave and they didn't keep files of slaves back then. Also, She was 1 of 11 children, but as she got older her and her siblings got separated from each other and their parents. Childhood Info
  • Slavery

    Growing up in Slavery was a very difficult thing for teenagers like Harriet. Even though she was not the only slave there, she had to do most of the work which meant taking care of the caucasians baby.
    But if the child was not fed or changed her master would whip her. One day her master threw a 2 pound weight at her which not only struck her in the head but caused her to get short headaches. Poor Harriet
  • Married

    In this year Harriet married a free man named John Tubman, And she changed her name to Harriet to honor her mothers presents. Which by the way her name was (Araminta Ross) but now in Harriet Tubman.
  • The Escape

    The Escape
    One day Tubman's owner had died because of an illness, and she decided not to waste any time so her and 2 of her brother's Ben and Henry decided to go to Philadelphia. But Harriet's brothers were to scared to do so, so they went back and Harriet went all by her lonesome and never looked back.Philadelphia
  • Reward

    After Harriet left a reward was published about if she was caught and found they would get $300-40,000 depending on her return back to Maryland.
  • Underground Railroad

    Underground Railroad
    When Harriet escaped from being a slave she couldn't stop thinking of all the possible things that could happen if she happened to get caught. But after a while she got over her fears and used an underground railroad to make it to Pennsylvania where she was finally a free women.Pennsylvania
  • Going Back

    Going Back
    When Tubman found out that her niece was going to be sold along with her two children she decided to go back to Maryland and help them and other family and friends.
  • The Rescue

    The Rescue
    Then she helped her whole family make it to Philadelphia and by then guided her parents an siblings and 60 others to freedom.
  • New Law

    New Law
    A new law was stated in 1850, Slaves that escaped, were captured in the North and were returned back to slavery, so Harriet changed the route to Canada.Canada
  • 11 Fugitives

    11 Fugitives
    Moses as Harriet was called helped 11 fugitives northward and stopped at the home of another slave named: Frederick DouglassFrederick
  • Land

    This year Harriet bought land and ended up marring a Civil War Veteran named: Nelson Davis
  • Gertie

    Adopted a girl named Gertie
  • Pasted Away

    Pasted Away
    Sadly to say but, Harriet pasted away from pneumonia, and also she had a very good run while she was alive and freed many family and friends from slavery.