Harriet tubman

Harriet Tubman

  • Birth of Harriet Tubman

    The date of Harriet Tubman's Birthday, she was born into slavery
  • Old enough to work

    At about age 6, Harriet, real name Araminta, became old enough to work
  • Around 11 Years Old

    Araminta taks her mothers name, Harriet, and is offically no longer a child. She must wear a bandana around her head to show this significance.
  • Harriet Gets Married

    At the age of 25 Harriet married John Tubman. He was a free man. Harriet wanted to escape to the north to gain freedom.
  • Harriet Leaves Her Husband

    John, not wanted the same as Harriet, said he would tell her master that she was planning to escape if she tried to. Wanting to leave, Harriet left her husband.
  • Harriet Escapes

    Harriet Escapes Harriet Tubman plans her escape and gets away.
  • Under Ground Railroad

    Harriet Tubman helped slaves escape though the Under Ground Railroad and leads them to Canada
  • The "Conductor"

    Harriet Tubman becomes an official conductor of the Under Ground Rail Road
  • Harriet Returns

    Harriet traveled back to get her husband John. He has remarried, so she continued helping slaves and then journied back to Canada
  • Harriet Returns to the US

    Harriet came back from Canada to help slaves in the US
  • With The Governor

    Harriet stays with the New York Govenor Willliam H. Steward and his wife
  • Career Ending

    Harriet Tubman's career in the Underground Railroad is ending. She made her last trip, and she has saved over 300 slaves
  • A New Nurse

    Harriet returned to the States after living in Canada and became a contraband nurse in the Civil War
  • Harriet Remarries

    Harriet remarried to Nelson Davis and they stayed happily married for 19 years.
  • Harriet Tubman's Death

    Harriet Tubman died in March 10, 1913, and was declared a hero. She was buried with military rites in Fort Hill Cemetary.