Harriet Tubman

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    Harriet Tubman

  • Birth

    [Biography of Harriet Tubman](www.biography.com/people/harriet-tubman-9511430)We don't know the exact date of Harriet's birth, but we know she was born in 1820 in Dorchester County, Maryland.
  • Harriet married John Tubman

    Harriet married John Tubman
    The exact date is unknown, but sometime in 1844 Harriet married a free black man named John Tubman.
  • First escape

    First escape
    Harriet escaped from slavery in Maryland with Henry and Ben, two of her brothers. However, her brothers decided to return to the plantation. Harriet made sure they arrived there, and then left again and made it to Pennsylvania.
  • Fugitive Slave Law passed

    Fugitive Slave Law passed
    Under the Fugitive Slave Law, escaped slaves captured in the North could be sent back to slavery. Because of this, Harriet extended the Underground Railroad to lead to Canada, where former slaves would be safe from capture.
  • Harriet begins helping others escape

    Harriet begins helping others escape
    Harriet helped her niece, Kessiah, and her family to escape from slavery. She took them to Philadelphia. This was the first time Harriet helped other slaves to escape.
  • Reward offered for capture

    Reward offered for capture
    By the year 1856, Harriet had helped so many slaves escape that there was a $40,000 reward offered for capturing her. She became known as the "Moses" who helped slaves escape.
  • Combahee River Raid

    Combahee River Raid
    Harriet led 150 black soldiers in the Combahee River Raid, and rescued 750 slaves and destroyed several Southern plantations.
  • Married Nelson Davis

    Married Nelson Davis
    In 1869 (exact date unknown), Harriet married Nelson Davis, a Civil War veteran. (This picture does not show him, but does show Harriet with some members of her family.)
  • Death

    Harriet died on March 10, 1913, in Auburn, New York.
  • Buried with military honors

    Buried with military honors
    Harriet was buried at Fort Hill Cemetery in Auburn, New York, with military honors because of all her accomplishments.