Harriet tubman cropped

Harriet Tubman.

  • Birthdate.

    Armanita Ross was born as a slave so the owners didn't keep records of their birthdate. But they sayt that she was born between 1820 and 1822.
  • Marriage.

    At age 25 she married a free man, John Tubman.
    He didn't believe shed ever be free, and would always remain himself. He himself said hed turn her in if she ever tried to runaway.
  • Escape to freedom.

    Late at night, she and her two brothers escaped the plantation for freedom. While her brothers chose to go back, afraid of the risk, she kept going only at night, while sleeping during the day. She followed the north star until she got to Pennsylvania.
  • The Underground Railroad.

    The Underground Railroad.
    She bagan to conduct the Underground Railroad, helpings slaves from the South to North or even Canada. Over 300 slaves escaped because of her.
  • To reunite her family.

    She successfully rescued her sister.
  • Family Reunited.

    She finally rescued her beloved parents in 1857.
  • A fight.

    Teamed up with John Brown who wanted to raid the armory, to distribute weapons and instagated to be rebellious.
  • During the Civil War.

  • What a woman.

    Harriet started caring for wounded soldiers as the matron of the Colored Hospital in Fortress Monroe, Virginia.
  • Transforming.

    Harriet Tubman transformed her own home into the Home for aged and Indigent colored people.
  • Story of her life.

    Story of her life.
    With the help of Sarah Hopkins Branford, a white school teacher, Harriet was able to publish her own book.
  • A new love.

    Harriet Tubman remarried Nelson Davis, but never had any children.
  • May she rest in peace.

    May she rest in peace.
    Harriet Tubman died in peace in her own home in Auburn, New York.