Harriet Tracy

  • Birth

    Harriet Tracy was born on Dec 6 1834 in Charleston, South Carolina.Her parents were William Brisbane and Julia Hall Lowndes
  • Period: to

    Harriet Tracy

  • Marrige

    Harriet Tracy got married in 1860. She married Cadwallader Colden Tracy.
  • Crib attachment

    Harriet Tracy made the crib attachment in Feb 25, 1868 and it helped all crib owners.
  • Safety Elevator

    The gravity elevator was chosen for a patent because it had automatic platforms that kept it safe. It also helped people get up and down faster.
  • Sewing Machine

    She made the lock-stich and chain sewing machine that held up to 1,000 yards of string.
  • Death

    She died May 30, 1918 from old age.